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Littleroot Town

“What the heck…” she grunted whilst pushing herself off the dusty surface. “W-where am I?” though she could hear what sounded like an engine; she couldn’t be too sure, as the entire room was dark. The vibrations on the bottom of the floor prompted Sarah to take an “educated guess, “I’ve been Kidnapped!”.

Standing on her own two feet, the door to the back of the truck opened, sending a paralyzing flash of light into the cargo area. Instinctively, Sarah held her forearm over her eye’s trying to protect herself as she glance into the light.

“Hurry up dear!” a sweet voice said, from the end of the tunnel. Sarah stumbled cautiously to the end of the truck, to find a rather frail woman standing with her hands in front of her. “Hello dear, my my, you look tired” she said, with a soft chuckle.

“WHERE AM I!? WHO ARE YOU!?” Sarah quickly snapped, taking her “mother” off guard. “Why Sarah…you must’ve hit your head…I’m your mother silly” the woman said, slowly heading towards their home. “Hurry up now Sarah, I want to show you a few things” the woman said, entering their home.
“Where…am…I…?” she asked again, finally putting her feet on solid ground. “We’re in Littleroot town dear, I bet that was an exhausting ride” her mother said through an open window in the house.

“NO!, this isn’t my house!” Sarah screamed in anger, her face began to swell a thick crimson color.
“SARAH COME QUICK!!!” her “mother” screamed, Sarah strolled idly into the home still disoriented. “Aww, you missed it; your father was on TV in Petalburg City” the frail woman positioned a smile on her face.

“Petalburg city…?” Look lady, I don’t belong here, you’re not my mother, that wasn’t my father. I’m leaving!” she stormed right out of the front door only to be placed back inside the home, by some sort of supernatural force.
“I thought you were leaving?” her mother said, with some concern. “I-I thought I did…” she said, looking at the door. Sarah’s eye’s moved to the huge muscular…creatures moving things around the house.

“Pokemon sure do make moving a lot easier!” her mother said, with her hands positioned on her hips. Noticing the shock on Sarah’s face, the woman moved towards her with some concern.
“Dear, you’ve been acting really strange, why don’t you go upstairs and make sure everything is ok in your room, also your clock needs to be set.

A heavy grimace set in on the face of Sarah, she slowly made her way upstairs; feeling around in her back pocket for her trusty knife. “Drats…I left it at school…” she whispered, slowly creeping in her room.

The room was spacious, even though she knew this room didn’t belong to her, just walking through the threshold eased the small fire burning inside of her. Taking a moment to glance at the clock, she noticed it had stopped.

“Whoa…is that…a GameCube?” the brief confusion caused her to tilt her head slightly at the strange site. Shaking off the confusion she set her clock to the exact time, no sooner than she did; she could hear her bubbly mother running up the steps.

“Dear, why don’t you make sure everything is ok at your computer” she pointed behind Sarah, which caused the young beauty to double back at an outdated desktop computer. Reluctantly walking over to the PC, it booted up without a touch. “What’s a potion?”
“Sarah! Sarah Sarah come quick!” her mother screamed again, this time Sarah sprinted down the steps only to miss her father on TV, again.

“Hey, Professor Birch lives in this town, he’s a friend of your fathers, why don’t you head out to meet him, it’ll give you a chance to get some fresh air”. She really wasn’t sure what was going on, but every time she listened to what her mother said, something new happened.

“Once you accept…you cannot change your mind…” she muttered in the form of a whisper, the realization of what this all was, suddenly hit her. “I’m in a stupid game!” now it sort of made sense, well not really but yelling at her “mother” now seemed pointless.

“Don’t forget your bag baby” Sarah was halted, by the sound of her mother; turning slightly the small framed woman handed her the bag.
She saw more concern from this woman in 30 minutes then she saw from her own mother in 17 years. Strapping the bag across her shoulder the pacific eyed beauty stepped into Littleroot town for only the second time.

The local setting was different than anything she had experienced thus far, the rural setting of this town. Slowly, strutting around the town; the first thing she noticed was the gigantic white building located in the heart of the town. “I guess, that’s where Professor Birch works.” She said, interlocking her hands behind her head.

“I suppose I should try the home first…” she scoffed, heading out towards the house next door. No sooner than she turned the knob and entered, a woman jumped from her seat and ran upon her.
“OH you must be Sarah!” she said, with the same energy her mother expunged. “My husband isn’t here, I think he’s over at Professor Birch’s lab, OH! But I think my son is upstairs!” Sarah glanced at the steps, there was a feeling nervousness running through her body.

“I really wish I had my knife” she thought to herself. Slowly stalking up the steps, she saw a little boy at his computer.
“Jared?” she said, somewhat confused; the boy looked exactly like her little brother! “Jared? No, my name is Xin” the young boy said, offering his hand to Sarah.

The young outlaw glanced at the boy’s hand, and then glared back at him. “Oh, ahem, so you don’t have a Pokémon yet, I can catch you one later if you want?”
Sarah was still incensed by his face. Backing away from him slowly, she ran down the steps and out the home. “HELP!!!!” someone screamed, it was really a faint sound, but her adept ears managed to catch it.

“Hey lady, you have to help that man, he’s being chased by a wild pokemon!” Sarah’s eyebrows knitted together; right now she didn’t feel obligated to save anyone. “This is the game, I have to beat it to get the hell out of here” she said, letting loose another sigh.
“Help! AYIEEE!!!” someone screamed again, this time it was clear to see who it was; a man running in a circle from what seemed like a “Pokémon?”
“Please you over there…help, in my bag there’s a Pokémon!” He screamed with his back against the tree.
Running to the bag, Sarah picked the first ball she saw. “Alright…now what?” she said, looking at the ball.
“For heaven’s sake toss the ball on the ground.” Birch said, slowly climbing up the tree. “Right” Sarah very lazily allowed the sphere to fall from her hands. In a paralyzing white light a small navy blue pokemon appear.
“Hera!” it screamed looking ready to battle.
“Ohh…aren’t you just a…ugly little creature” Sarah said sarcastically, which made Heracross immediately resent her.
“Look, little one we gotta help that professor got it!” Sarah hissed, Heracross almost immediately lunched into action.

“Let’s get it Heracross!” Sarah said, pointing at the zigazagoon, Heracross immediately tackled the small Pokémon. “That looks painful…” Sarah said, watching as the small pokemon tumbled in the grass before regaining its base.

“Sarah…you can lower Zigzagoon’s defense by using leer!” the professor screamed from not too far off. “Heracross use leer!” Zigazagoon stood briefly intimidated before launching a tackle attack.
“This goes against everything I stand for…” Sarah said, referring to her PETA membership. “Take it down Heracross, tackle!” Sarah screamed again, the huge bug Pokémon finished the job with a devastating tackle, knocking the small Pokémon into a pile unearthed weeds.

“Good job Sarah!” Professor Birch said, dropping down from the tree watching as the Zigzagoon ran. “Hey…I know this game…” Sarah said, glancing down at Heracross. “My brother beat the ones before it…”
“Well, I would’ve liked to meet on different circumstances; but I am glad you showed up when you did” Birch said, extending his hand in gratitude to Sarah.
Much like she did with Xin, Sarah gave the handshake a cold stare down. “Ahh…ahem ok, why don’t you meet me at the lab” he said, heading off towards his building.
Sarah soon followed. “I need to steal a car or something” she said, already tired of all the walking.
“Ahh welcome Sarah, as a token of my appreciation I want to give you this!” he said handing her a red device. “It’s a Pokedex, and these are pokeballs” Birch said, sticking his hands in his pocket.

“I want you to keep that Pokémon from earlier, travel the world and experience the joy of Pokémon training!” He too was bubbly, but more so in a creepy way. “You want me to keep this ugly thing?” she said, glancing at the Pokeball that contained Heracross.
“Whoa!” a voice interjected snatching both Sarah and Professor Birch’s attention. “Why hello Xin!” the professor said, with a hearty chuckle.
“You have a Pokemon now Sarah, Well…let’s battle!”
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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