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Valorie Ryder - Road to Oak Town
Valorie stared Mark down with a light grin on her face. It was time to go--time to kick butt. Time to strategize. Time to get pants'd by Kiyoko. Not really, but... Before Valorie could really give a command she felt a hand tugging at the rim of her skirt. Kiyoko would find that skirt gave a bit when pulled, as they tend to do. Better be careful Kiyoko! If you aren't--You might put your trainer in a world of embarrassment. Needless to say, Valorie was kind of... weirded out by the gesture. She nearly reached back to slap an offending hand but had to restrain herself, repeatedly reminding herself mentally that Kiyoko was not human. He looked so human though! Despite what she told herself, she couldn't get comfortable with something that looked like a human handling her this way. Regardless. Attacking the thing with superpowers was an awful idea and if her mother had taught her anything it was DO NOT PROVOKE SUPERMAN. She restrained herself for the moment being, and tried not to react to what Kiyoko had done. Patience and tolerance--Not usually her job, but what was she supposed to do? Angst silently and hope Kiyoko somehow read her mind? Oh... wait. Yeah that's exactly what she did, despite the fact that she had no real reason to believe he could do such a thing.

So instead of getting upset, she just sot of awkwardly turned to look at Kiyoko and gave him an equally awkward smile. AWKWAAARD "Yeah--But it's like... /sport/." she tried to explain, making use of that newfangled patience thing to the best of her current ability. One's a profession and one's a mental illness! "We're fighting for fun--!" Valorie continued. What she /wasn't/ saying was that she didn't actually believe that and fought more for blood and glory than she was letting on. Her pokemon trained very hard to make sure she kicked /everyone's/ butt! Yes, Valorie has activated spartan mode, Kiyoko. This happens every time she gets into a fight. After a moment it seemed to occur to her that Kiyoko probably doesn't... /get/ it. Now why didn't he understand when most wild pokemon seemed to have some form of innate knowledge of the pokemon-human relationship? Not that Valorie could phrase it that way, but she found it odd. She supposed this would probably come up again--hopefully sometime /after/ the battle.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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