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Well, unless Ash and Co. find themselves at some other battlefield between the Unova League and the N Episode either Plasma crashes the battle or they just skip right to after the Unova League and their hanging out on the battlefield. So... either way there are three (?) possibilities, maybe more?

1. Ash does lose against Kotetsu.
2. Wins against Kotetsu and loses against Virgil in next round.
3. Wins or loses against Kotetsu and Plasma (or team rocket???) crashes the party either way.

idk anymore. v_v; I'm not good at this predicting stuff lmao. But Kotetsu or anyone else seems to be nowhere to be found in the N episode preview (that I won't post here because this is Unova League thread) who knows. :/ But even though it's inevitable that Ash loses at someone I'm still going to be a bit disappointed if it ends up being Kotetsu.
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