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You've done everything. You're exploring the final place the game has to offer. You climb up, up, further up. Suddenly, you come to a plateau. There stands one person. You approach him and the music cuts out. All is silent. He turns, and as you prepare to battle, this begins to play.

It's not my favorite theme from gen1 or 2, but that moment was just so perfect that that sticks out.

My favorite themes from gen1/2 are, in order:
Route 27 (runner-up for best moment; do you know what you just did?)
Lake of Rage
Vermilion City (Gen2, also a very cool moment stepping off the ship)
Dark Cave
Route 11 (Gen 1)

There were a LOT of good songs in gen2 especially. Some of them were really good remixes of gen1 songs, some were entirely new, but of all the songs in gen 1 and gen 2, these are probably my favorites.
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