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    @Curious - Nice post~ Glad to see Oliver's doing nicely so far :> I hope having Feebas as your starter makes things interesting (It has, so far ;D)
    Feebas is now Level 7!

    @Rune - ;w; Seriously... I just want to hug Ariel now. Great prologue~ Just be reminded that the players can't interact with each other yet

    @Lilizuki - Interesting... Let's see how long Adelaide will think that she's in a dream. Also, I think you accidentally called Torchic "Onyx" there somewhere.
    Originally Posted by Lilizuki
    Onyx eyes focused on the pester of a Zigzagoon, a breath was taken, and the Torchic leaped for all it was worth
    Yup, there. Nevertheless, good battle thar
    Basana the Torchic is now Level 7!
    She(?) learned Focus Power!

    @Sarah - Yeah, Sarah never fails to scare me >.< Good job with your prologue! Only a slight mistake though. Your Heracross has Night Slash and Endure, not Tackle and Leer. I already changed it in the first post and in the Etherpad. Buuut, I'll let this pass for now
    Heracross is now Level 6!

    @ Everyone - I'll let you decide the gender of your starter, but wild Pokemon genders will be determined via RNG. That, and please update your team's stats in our update etherpad found on the first posts of both the IC and OOC thread

    Chapter 01: Being a Trainer 101

    Route 101 is a forest path surrounded by tall grass. Nature has preserved this route from modern world corruption, unlike the forests in the real world. Pokemon inhabit the trees and some make burrows beside the mounds. It seems really peaceful around here, and a good place to camp out as well. It only takes half a day for an average person to travel from here to the next town: Oldale. This is where new trainers usually train their Pokemon, so there are some trainers here, either looking for Pokemon to catch, training, or waiting for a trainer like you to pass by. They may challenge you to battle if you happen to cross paths with them, so if you don’t want to battle with them, make sure they don’t see you.

    Some trainers here might tell you a gossip. They say strange characters are roaming the region, stealing Pokemon and attacking big corporations. Of course, this is just a rumor. Something that big would've ended up on the news, and it didn't. But who's to say it's not real? Gossips can be true. The trainer will advice you to be careful on your journey if you plan on beating the league. Also, if you take your time to listen to his blabber, he might give you some berries.

    Pokemon found here:




    Tasks to accomplish:
    - None really. Feel free to RP anything you want

    - You are only allowed to capture one Pokemon from this route.
    - Level cap here is 10. Your Pokemon cannot level up higher than that.
    - You can battle with your own NPC trainers here. (meaning: you can make your own trainers)
    - Still no interactions for the time being.

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