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Being a Trainer 101
Route 101
Oliver Riverwood

Steam danced elegantly toward the ceiling as the kettle had finished boiling. Professor Birch organised a quaint set of mushroom and beef sandwiches for them to snack on, before pouring searing hot cups of hot chocolate into three blue mugs. He handed them to Oliver and Martin before offering them a seat in his office. “Now you two,” the professor began, “Now that you’ve become Pokemon Trainers, what are your plans? Are you going to work your way up into the big ranks by competing in the Hoenn League?” “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Martin nodded. “I’ve always wanted to a top trainer, so I suppose so.” Oliver replied back, somewhat enthusiastically. “In that case,” the professor said, “you’ll need to first acquire the eight Hoenn gym badges. In order to obtain them, you’ll need to defeat the right Hoenn Gym Leaders – each situated in different cities around Hoenn. This means, you’ll be travelling far and wide and encountering a diverse range of Pokemon along your journeys, so I have a little proposal for you.”

The two glanced up after sipping their hot chocolates. Martin seemed to have spilt some on down his top, leaving a trickling stain all down the front of it. He looked up, slightly embarrassed. Birch leant over and grabbed an odd looking device. It appeared to be some sort of computerised book. Oliver finally recognised the strange device when the professor hand one of them to the each of them. “A Pokedex.” Oliver said. “Indeed, it’s a handheld device that records data of all the Pokemon you encounter on your journey. What I want you to do is to use it to help me collected information on the many Pokemon that inhabit this land we live in. This would not only let myself and my team find breaking new discoveries, but it’ll also broaden our knowledge and understanding of these wonderful creatures.” Martin chuckled, “Heh not bad. We’ll help you collect some data, sure.” “Splendid!” the bearded scientist exclaimed. “Here, here’s another gift I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Pokeballs.” He handed them each. Oliver rolled them around in his palm, looking into their shiny red and white surface. After staring at them for some time, Olive eventually attached them to his belt.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” The professor yelled, startling a sleeping Shroomish that was being closely examined by one of the professor’s assistants. He quickly snatched the Pokeballs of both Treecko and Feebas and fixed them into position into a large looking mechanism. With the balls firmly attached, he clicked a purple button that released a laser-like stream of light that hovered over the balls for several minutes before disappearing. Birch then clicked the Pokeballs out of the machine and handed them back to the stunned young trainers. “All done!” He said, “Your pokemon have both been healed to full health.”“Ah” Martin muttered, “Thanks for that.”“You-“ but before the professor could reply, Martin ran out the door. “Kay, got to scoot, see you around Oliver, perhaps I’ll see you at the Hoenn League?”Martin scampered off, out of sight.“Well he’s sure lively.” The professor laughed. “ I suppose you should get going too. Don’t worry about your mother, I rang her and told her your plans and she wishes you all the best.”“Thanks.” Oliver replied concisely. Oliver placed his empty mug onto the professor’s desk before waving goodbye and walking out the sliding doors of the laboratory.

The air was fresh and a sweet scent of roses passed his nose as he walked down the rocky lane and back onto Route 101. Route 101 was an overgrown area with tall tufts of grass wherever one looked. Magnificent tress outlined the more travelled on areas, standing tall and strong. Flowers scattered themselves all across the grassy lands of the route, in an array of yellows, pinks and blues. Oliver proceeded to venture through the route gleaming green route, but was cautious of the many trainers riddled throughout. He thought it would be a great time to train, however he didn’t particularly want to battle another person at this stage. He wanted to have a one on one training session with Feebas in order to not only get to know his new Pokemon, but to strengthen her up a bit. Being a water type, Oliver found it only appropriate to train Feebas around a source of water. He glanced over toward a nearby pond. Approaching it, he kept a careful glance at any hidden trainers, but to his delight there weren’t any.

“Alright Feebas, let’s get to work.” Oliver said, releasing the Pokemon from its ball. “Feebas.” It groaned lazily. “So, your current moves are Splash and Tackle.” Oliver began. “While they’re not very effective on their own, as we’ve seen, why not combine them? We can only give it a try.” Feebas smiled contently at Oliver’s suggestion. “Alright Feebas, Splash.” Feebas hopped into the water almost instantly and began splashing around randomly, a spray of water flying through the air. “Good good.” Oliver cried out. “Now tackle.” The fish halted and then shot through the water like a bullet, tackling a cracked rock at the pond’s bottom. The rock crumbled and Feebas rose to the surface shooting streams of water as it smiled, proud of it’s achievement. “Nice work!” Oliver called, smiling. It had become evident to Oliver that Feebas was more at home in water, and could pose a decent challenge in such an environment. But he then realised that Feebas wouldn’t always have the opportunity to battle near or in water, so it would be best to train and develop a tactic to optimise it’s capabilities without it.

“Alright Feebas, hop out now and we’ll try that on land.” “Feebas flopped out of the rippling pond and onto the green grass by its edge. “So I want you to do the same thing.” Feebas nodded and began to flap awkwardly on the crumbly earth, sending dirt everywhere, even into Oliver’s eyes. Then it thrusted itself sharply into an oran berry bush. Oliver had a mental click. If Feebas was able to use splash to send dirt or water into the opponent – interrupting their vision, it would give itself enough time to launch a tackle before the pokemon could avoid it. A simple yet effective technique, Oliver thought. Especially with such a limited moveset.

The pair practiced this technique for most of the day, before finally tiring out. They munched on the oran berries they had found earlier, juice running down the sides of their mouths. “Bleh, my hands are all sticky!” Oliver cried. Feebas just giggled as Oliver ran over to the pond to wash the juices off his hands. All of a sudden he felt a stiff push. Something was pushing him! Eyes and mouth wide open he yelled, before falling face first into the pond. The water was mildly warm, but he felt awfully uncomfortable. His brown ragged hair now wet and drooping over his forehead. Spitting water he looked up sharply to find out the source of his fall. Feebas popped up beside him giggling, but Oliver assumed it wasn’t it that had pushed him in. Oliver shot up to the surface. A wild Pokemon sat at the pond’s edge, rolling in laughter. Rubbing his eyes he couldn’t gain clear view of the Pokemon, but from the current events he could more than estimate that it was rather cheeky in nature...
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