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    Hello, PK! I need some custom work done for a project, I looked through this thread and think you do nice work, so I thought I'd toss this your way first.

    First, let me explain the project: I've started doing playblogs for Pokemon games (I'm halfway through a FireRed playblog right now), and my next project is Emerald, but I've decided to do something a little bit different in this case, and do the playblog as though a character from another series has been dumped into the Pokemon world. Since I intend to make extensive use of screencaps this time around (my FireRed playblog doesn't use any), I need my chosen character sprited so I can shop him into the screencaps.

    So, the request: I need front, back (battle), and field sprites of Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan. (You'll have to do your own search for reference images, sorry.) The clothes don't need to be an exact match for his iconic look; in fact, I'd prefer if there was one set WITH the trademark outfit and a second set with more...Pokemon-y clothes.

    I realize this is a tall order, so please feel free to decline. If you do decide to take this one on, I appreciate it.