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    Originally Posted by Mononoke Hime View Post
    Just picking up Hikari10's sign up form~

    Name: Mononoke Hime
    Your Trainer: My trainer? Well, idk. I like N.
    2 Partner Pokemon: Since I already have a dragonair at serpentine pokemon club, I'll choose flygon and altaria this time. :p
    Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer? I don't train dragons because they're strong, I catch, train, grow, and love them because of their concept. They're usually graceful, beautiful and/or just look powerful and they have a hole concept behind them. I also love dragons in mythology, and everything they represent. They're my favorite mythological creature, since they can represent my two elements of choice, that are air and water.
    After water, they're my second favorite type, with dark and flying being 3rd.

    Currrent Topic: What's your favourite?
    Thats cool. I also like dragons due to their admire-ability and how cool they are. Dragon my third favorite element after Poison and Fire. Even tho I have Latios as one of my partners tho, I guess he wouldnt count as one of my favorites (on the normal pokemon list)due to being a legendary. That spot would go to Dragonite and Altaria.