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    Adelaide Smith
    Route 101


    With the path prepared for her so smoothly, Adelaide was eager to head out and continue with her journey, while her mind plotted out how she could possibly revisit this world in her dreams. One method would be to write down the events as clearly as possible in her diary, but that was a long shot at best. She could possibly make a painting of Basana, who hopped happily alongside her as they walked past the outer boundaries of Littleroot town. While she was not particularly powerful yet, the Pokemon's pride was growing smoothly. Now that she had a competent trainer and had flawlessly won their fast battle, there seemed to be little skepticism in the young Torchic's eyes.

    Though, as the teen's shoes scuffed against the dirt path that led across fields of softly swaying grass and mounds of worn-down dirt, she realized that it would be better to enjoy the dream for what it was, now, than to plague herself with reminders of its mortality. She shot a smile down at Basana as they strolled together to the sound of the soft wind, despite the fact that the heat of these lands was getting to her past all the layers of clothing. While her starter had no issues with heat, she assumed, she'd need to pick up a pack of some sort at the next town to store her spare clothing in. As well as some new clothes to change into during traveling, and some soap to wash herself with if a place to stay wasn't nearby.

    Before Adelaide could bemoan the fact that she had little experience with camping on dirty ground and animal-ridden forests, however, a chilling howl came from a bushel of nearby grass along with a glance of white skin. Though Adelaide couldn't see the Pokemon that lurked in the grass, she assumed it would soon be upon her like sunburn. "Basana, prepare for battle!" The teen barely had time to yell, but Basana's feathers ruffled up with a white energy just a moment before a blur of black and grey fur hurtled out of the grass, with its head pointed low and its fangs bared. The new Pokemon collided with Basana before she could even try to leap out of the way with her nimble little legs.

    The briefly-paired Pokemon tumbled across the ground with a small cloud of dust picking up behind them, behind which Adelaide watched the diminutive duo regain their senses. The wolf-like Pokemon had its paws pinning the bulk of Basana's form to the tough ground, as it reared its back in preparation for another smash of its body against the pinned Torchic. Little did the wild Pokemon know that a Torchic's torso was not what it needed to beware, as Adelaide commanded her response. "Scratch its eyes out!" The teen commanded, and the bird acted the very moment her command ended, with all the speed befitting of her species.

    One of Basana's legs lashed out from beneath the Poochyena's body, the wicked claws scratching across its sneering maw before the next tackle could complete. The assaulting Pokemon reeled back with pain and a howl of pain, while Basana used the momentum from her kick to place her foot on the ground and spin back to her feet. With her stance regained, Basana's onyx eyes met the scowling red of the Poochyena's, who was ready to defeat its prey with the last remaining ounce of energy. The dueling Pokemon stood off against one another in a slow circle around the center of the path, while Adelaide waited for the perfect opportunity to issue a counter.

    Although Basana had been hurt by the Poochyena's initial tackle, both she and Adelaide knew that the next tackle would be far more vicious, as they had pushed the predatory Pokemon into a corner. The hearts of the trio beat in their chests like a furious drummer, with each breath taken the precursor to the move that would finish their battle. With a hitch in Adelaide's breath, the Poochyena's hind paws dug into the ground and forced itself forward with a mighty bark. At the apex of its leap, the teen trainer issued her order. "Scratch!" And with it, Basana hopped backwards to prolong the Poochyena's collision and swung her claws with all the might she'd gathered.

    Unfortunately for Poochyena, Basana had proven herself to be faster with her scratch, that sent the wild Pokemon tumbling to a whimper before it began to skulk back into the grass, defeated. Adelaide cheered loudly at their victory from the edge of defeat, with one arm pumped into the air before Basana leaped into her arms to cuddle her trainer in shared triumph. Despite herself, Adelaide hugged the fluffy feathered Pokemon back and kissed her on the forehead, with a wide smile plastered across her lips. Not only had Basana proven herself the victor of two battles in a row, but she'd done it with skill and strategy in glorious combination.

    A noise came from the tall grass besides them, but was cut off by the calling of another person. "Hey! You!" The voice came from further down the path, as the grass rustled and became silent once again. Adelaide shot a glance down the road, easily forgetting the noise, and came to see a tall boy approaching, who looked just a bit younger than Adelaide herself. He had two Pokeballs attached to his belt, clearly marking him as a fairly new trainer, along with a cap to protect his eyes from the glare of the sun and a light t-shirt that covered his torso. "Those were some nice moves you and that Torchic just pulled off! I've seen nothing but Zigzagoon so far, so fancy a battle?"

    Adelaide looked into Basana's eyes for a moment as she pondered the ramifications of another battle; there was no chance she'd lose the story so early, but she could easily be defeated, which wouldn't be good for her relationship with her starter Pokemon. But, if she won, she'd get a cash reward from this trainer stranger, which would easily be able to cover the cost of another potion. So, with a smirk, Adelaide pulled the canister out from one of her pockets. "You are so on." She laughed softly to herself, as the boy grinned and took a few steps back to prepare his battling Pokemon and Adelaide sprayed the potion on her Torchic, which swiftly healed the Pokemon's fatigue. "Are you ready for another battle, Basana?"

    If Pokemon could smirk, Basana's reaction would have been it, as she hopped out of Adelaide's arms and landed on springy legs a few feet before her, with her plumage prepared for the battle and its eyes looking deadly upon the sparkle of white energy that heralded the arrival of the challenger's Pokemon. The back of the Pokemon was a soft red chitin that slowly faded into a simple cream underbelly, but beneath it lurked a set of stubby white legs. What caused concern in Adelaide wasn't the fact it looked like a bug, if anything it would only aid her victory, but the yellow spikes that adorned its body like adornments of war. She knew most Pokemon didn't have tribal cultures, but it was something worth noting nevertheless. "Basana, let's start with a scratch!" The teen commanded, eager to test the armored bug's defenses.

    "Paepae!" The challenging trainer called out as the Torchic sped towards his Wurmple with a speed that would have been surprising, had he not watched his opposition's previous battle. "Hit it with some webbing!" He commanded, just as Torchic slashed at the side of Wurmple's face with its claws and hopped back through the air with a graceful landing. To Basana's surprise, the scratch didn't seem to phase the Wurmple much as it reared its head back and spewed a thin white line of webbing at her, which she couldn't avoid past her surprise. The sticky substance weaved between Torchic's legs, forming an annoying bond that would slow down her movements for the rest of the battle.

    In a panic of what to do next, Basana flung her gaze back at her trainer, who pondered the situation carefully, before her opponent could declare another attack. One of Basana's only advantages was her speed that had saved her from the wild Poochyena, but this Wurmple had strategy on its side, while the two of them had no moves to help diminish its defense. An errant breeze ran across the path their battle was taking place, reminding the teen that she needed to keep a calm mind in this battle, if she was to win again. That shot of string looked a little unwieldy, so if she could upset the Wurmple's ability to attack just a little more, she could turn it into a battle of attrition. "Basana, intimidate it!"

    Though the Torchic had her doubts about the command, she obeyed without question and met the innocent little eyes of her foe. She leaped high into the air as their glares met, spreading out her feathered wings far to each side in an attempt to make herself seem bigger, and let out a mighty caw that stung the Wurmple's ears with its ferocity, before she landed in perfect elegance once again. "String shot!" The opposing trainer ordered once again, a little bit intimidated by the display himself, which was a path the Wurmple gladly followed with an immediate string shot that flew far off to the side of its target, leaving Basana unharmed. "Darn..."

    "Now, attack!" Adelaide commanded with no small amount of pride at her strategy, as the little orange bird leaped forward once again and lashed out at the side of her opponent's body, who was too slow to try to dodge and now seemed to be feeling the effects of their battle. In desperation, it once again tried to trap Basana within its web, which caught around her wings in a tight binding. Though she struggled briefly against the binds, she knew that victory was only one good hit away, even if she was much slower for these impediments. "You go, girl!" The teen called out as encouragement, though she felt incredibly corny saying it, as Basana lurched forward as best she could across their battlefield.

    Thinking himself victorious upon the sight of the barely-running Torchic, the opposing trainer pointed directly at Basana and cheerily yelled out his command. "Finish her off, Paepae!" Although the Wurmple was slow amongst bugs, its tiny legs could let it roll forwards faster than poor Basana, as it trundled over the rough ground and connected the spike of its head with as much speed as it could gather. The two Pokemon collided slightly closer to Adelaide, both of them tumbling over to opposite sides of the field after the mighty thump that came with their crash. Both of the Pokemon laid still amongst the dirt, with both trainers looking on in anticipation of who would stand and be marked as victor.

    Moments passed in still wind, before the Wurmple let out a gurgle of exhaustion, defeated. With that, Basana span on the ground until she was once again standing on her feet, but occupied herself with pecking at the frustrating webbing while the opposing trainer looked on sheepishly at his defeat and shrugged his shoulders with a smile, as he knelt down beside his Wurmple and lifted it into his arms. "That was a good battle." Adelaide complimented her opponent with another smile spread across her lips. "I guess I need to watch out for anyone else who tries to slow Basana," She spotted the little bird hop on one foot as it tore another sheet of webbing from its legs and shook her head with a smile. "Down again."

    "Yeah, and I need to watch out for anyone with a Torchc." The boy jested, as he pulled a simple card out from one of the pockets on his jacket and held Wurmple in one arm. He held it out to Adelaide with a grin on his face. "Here, you won, so here's the reward! I'd best head to the Oldale Pokecenter and get Paepae healed up. Goodbye!" With that farewell, the two parted ways, while Basana rejoined Adelaide's side and they continued their exploration of Route 101. In truth, the Torchic had barely been hurt by the Wurmple besides the annoying webbing that could have won the battle for it.

    The duo of Pokemon and trainer managed to walk along a few more paths before they encountered anyone else, with only a rustling in the tall grass being an indicator of another possible encounter; yet nothing came of it. When they did, though, their arrival was announced by a booming voice. "Hail, traveler!" A man called out from the ledge he leaned against, his voice seemingly appearing from beneath his big bushy beard and burly build. "Stay a while, and listen." He said, with a gesture to the ledge that sat a few feet beside him on the path. As he gestured, his other hand organized small plastic boxes of berries. "I'll give you a box if you do!"

    Adelaide's eyes ran over the boxes briefly, each of them filled with assorted juicy berries that made her mouth water at the prospect of tasting. She knew it was not wise to talk with strangers in the real world, but in Pokemon the worst that could happen is getting one's Pokemon stolen, and Basana wasn't about to go down without a fight. "Okay, sure." She spoke with a kind smile at the gentleman that offered her a seat and sat on a patch of grass beside the dirt wall, so she wouldn't get the dirty dust all over her outfit, as Basana climbed into her lap. "What did you have to tell me?" She asked with a tilt of her head, wondering whether it would be old tales about his fishing, or just to gripe about his wife.

    "Well, there's a rumor going about, and I think a young lady like you should be aware of it, is all." The rumbly-voiced man explained as he looked around at the trees, and lowered his voice to a whisper. "They say," They of course not being identified in any way; Adelaide understood this was how rumors were spread. "That a bunch o' strange figures are roaming Hoenn, stealing defenseless people's Pokemon and attacking organizations with the ones they stole! I know you're going into womanhood an' all, but you've gotta be vigilant for people like that, else you'll be just as defenseless as kids startin' out!" He explained, before passing one of the small plastic boxes over to Adelaide, who took it into her hands gratefully. "Thanks for listenin', young lady. Be safe out there."

    "Thank you, Sir." Adelaide nodded in gratitude at the man, for she'd never met one so kind while she was walking around in New York; most of the people there were understandably stressed, what with how much a mere apartment could drain out of somebody's bank account, while he had given her some advice and a gift just for listening. "I'll be on the lookout with Basana here. Goodbye." She said again with another smile, as she began to walk down the path and gave a finger-wave to the helpful man. She cracked open the box with the tips of her slender fingers, releasing the sweet scent that tickled the noses of both her and Torchic.

    As Adelaide fed one of the ripe berries to Torchic, a familiar nose was heard from behind them; not particularly common, but she had heard it earlier, before that trainer had challenged her. With a steady heel, the teen turned around to see what made the curious noise, and was rewarded with the sight of a little green head pointing out of the grass, with a pair of red horns sitting atop the helmet and a face shrouded by shadows as the tiny creature attempted to get their attention. As soon as eyes were upon it, the creature froze in place and gazed in fear of the people whose attention it gained. Though she could only see it briefly, Adelaide thought this small Pokemon looked adorable.

    The teen ran her fingers over a few of the berries in her packet and realized that she hadn't yet caught a Pokemon on this route, and she'd probably do well to; the lack of options in that last Wurmple fight had nearly lead to her defeat. If she could get something as appealing as this little creature before her, it would be all the better. But it seemed shy, so she knelt down close to the ground and rolled the berry across the space between her and the curious little Pokemon, as her Pokedex beeped to inform her that this was a Ralts; a psychic type Pokemon, which made a smile come to her face. That would give her some type coverage, too.

    The wild Ralts tilted its head in curiosity as the berry rolled between it and Adelaide, building up its courage for a few seconds before timidly stepping out of the tall grass and picking up the berry in its tiny hands. First, if nibbled softly, until it swallowed the whole thing and sized up the duo that stood before it. As it had been doing all day, a soft breeze rolled past them, but this time it was punctuated with a firmer noise from the wild Pokemon, as it pointed towards Basana; it was a challenge if Adelaide had ever seen one. "Alright, little one." Adelaide said softly, as she pointed in at Basana to step up to the challenge. "Start off with a scratch." She directed, not wanting to scare the Pokemon away with a show of prowess.

    Basana prepared herself for battle by taking in a breath, before she dashed across the space between them and leaped through the air. She came down upon the Ralts with a scratch of her claws, that sent the little Pokemon stumbling backwards a few steps before it regained its focus and pointed its horns at the attacking Pokemon. The Ralts' form was bathed briefly in wispy purple energy, before the power coalesced upon its horns and shot off directly at Basana before she could even attempt to avoid it. The psychic energy shot across the little bird's heard in such a flash that it made her entire vision appear upside-down, as she stumbled to and fro across the path.

    With a grimace, Adelaide realized that Basana was just as likely to stumble over her own feet than to weaken the wild Ralts further, which was definitely something she didn't want. And the Ralts already seemed to be weakened, so on a snap decision, the teen pulled out an empty Pokeball from her pocket and hurled it at the Ralts, in the hopes that it would hit before Torchic had to suffer through another attack like that. Just before colliding with the Ralts, whose back was turned to it, the Pokeball opened and absorbed the Pokemon into its containment, before dropping to the ground in a single soft bounce. While the Torchic attempted to regain her composure, the colored ball shook.

    While the Ralts attempted to escape, Adelaide held her breath with each shake. With three, it would be caught, and her efforts would pay off. With one, the breeze ended its caress. With two, Basana shook her head out of confusion. With three, the Pokeball made a victorious sound while Adelaide let out a triumphant whoop and rushed over to the ball, allowing the Ralts to be free for only a second before she hugged it tight and placed her cap upon its head with a giggle, which the formerly-wild psychic Pokemon seemed to enjoy even past the blush on its pale cheeks.

    "Now," Adelaide said, as she pulled out her Pokedex to check on this Ralts' entry. "Let's see what we've got..."

    As you said only the gender is what you'll RNG for, I assumed this was what we should do.

    Also; please please please please be a female Ralts!

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