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    Update: So I opened a game that I no longer play (Playground) with a knife, just to see how easy it would be for me to open them. I used my fingers and a thicker knife at first because I thought I was able to do it with my nails, but I was wrong. I took a thinner knife and used it's blade to open the cartridge, I did no cleaning since the game was working well, but however. When I tried to close it, it wouldn't, and I'm 100% sure it was because i used too much pressure at first with the thick blade of the knife. I glued it in place with duct tape and the game still works perfectly, however.

    About my Pokemon game, just the fact that there is something wrong with the game makes me sad. I'm a "perfection" maniac (in terms of proper functionality) and the DSi has to be kept in certain angles for the game not to show lags. It stops showing problems every now and then, but then they suddenly appear when battling and such...

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