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    Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)
    Beach Encounter
    After a few minutes of cleaning up his Room and a short walk, Wyatt was on the beach although he wasn't dress up for swimming but instead donned a black drawstring hoodie although he did put his shoes and socks inside of his bag and also was wearing shorts. The feeling of sand on his bare feet was a strange feeling, strange, yet familiar. As he walked near the shoreline he ran into two individuals. One, a boy with a Swablu, Starly and Pidgey, the other, a silver-haired girl with green eyes and an Umbreon as her companion. The breeze on the beach was relaxing and for some reason the look of the two drawing on the beach seemed to invite him. Silently, he sat down beside them trying not to seem odd but he felt so anyway. He glanced off into the water to see multiple Wingulls fighting Magicarps. "Hey, I'm Wyatt..." he said, his voice trailing off.

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