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Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge SoulSilver Update #4

-Went through Ice Path to get the next member of the team, Ygritte the Jynx
-After several hours of Voltorb Flip, had enough coins to purchase the TM for Ice Beam to teach to Ygritte
-Trained her up on trainer rematches and then used her and Billy to take down Claire with relative ease
-The Kimono Girls nearly kicked my bum because I was careless
-Killed Lugia because I couldn’t be bothered
-Got through Victory Road with no issue
-Trained up a tiny bit in Victory Road and th took on the E4

-Umberto did most of the work on Will with some help from Billy and Ygritte
-Stannis was the MVP for the Koga fight with assists from Pyke and Billy
-I expected Umberto to do most of the work in the Bruno fight, but she got taken out early, so It was more of a team effort with quite a bit of help from Waterfall flinch hax via Pyke
-Umberto, Pyke and Billy took out Karen as a team
-Lance was a mess since we were fairly underleveled, but it got done.


The Team:

Umberto the Scyther ♀, Lv.42 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Technician
-Wing Attack
-Double Team

Stannis the Magmar ♂, Lv.40 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Flame Body
-Lava Plume
-Confuse Ray
-Focus Blast
-Faint Attack

Billy the Electrode, Lv.43 @ Magnet
Ability: Static
-Charge Beam
-Light Screen

Pyke the Red Gyarados ♂, Lv.43
Ability: Intimidate
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Rage

Ygritte the Jynx ♀, Lv.40 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Oblivious
-Ice Beam
-Body Slam
-Fake Tears


Eddie the Ledian ♂, Lv.21
Ability: Early Bird
-Comet Punch
-Mach Punch

HM Slaves:
Castanet the Krabby: Surf, Strength, Cut, Whirlpool
Knightbus the Hoothoot: Fly
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