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    Out of the options available, I went for 'New starter types' and 'Dark-type Gym Leader'. The latter, I'm not massively concerned about, but it would be nice for every type to finally have a dedicated Gym. Even Normal-type has its own Gym and that's the most boring type imaginable! The new starter types, however, I'm really interested in. Even if it was a DPPt-style change where there were just cool secondary types (like Grass/Flying, Fire/Poison, Water/Dark or something), any form of change in this area would be most appreciated.

    But the biggest thing I'd love to see happen in Gen VI (even though it's never going to happen) is to have the ability to run from wild Pokemon battles before going through the 10 seconds of animation involved in getting your Pokemon out to battle. It's only 10 seconds (and probably even less), but there are often so many wild battles that I just cannot be bothered with, and the ability to run at the soonest stage possible is something I'd absolutely relish. It's never going to happen, but I can dream...