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    Originally Posted by gimnastic View Post
    Hello 12345, sorry for my English but I was playing your game, which is fantastic, but I encountered two bugs that made me impossible to keep playing.
    The first, deadly but not impossible to solve: When I took the Lapras to Searound City, the Lapras is supposed to wait at the coast, I think. When I arrived at Searound I saved the game and next day Lapras wasn't there, so I couldn't go back (No Surf, no Fly, impossible to use Teleport because I went to the Pokemon Center). The only thing you can do is battle Pryce, who had levels that were too high looking mines. Beside that, I managed after several tryings to beat him and continue (My Ponyta grew up from lvl 21 to 29 )
    After that I took the underground to Charpos Island and I went to Magma's Fortress, but one of the Magma's Admin poisoned my last pokemon, Torterra, and I didn't have any potion (I had losed many times with Pryce), so I fainted. And then, for my surprise, instead of appearing in Charpos I appeared in a new place, Surence Town. I saved there i looking around searching the Forest the Magma Team said, I discovered after beating the trainers that I can't escape from there. I have no Surf to go through meteor Falls and in the bridge there are 2 guardians blocking the path, looking to the other side, and they say "The bridge is under reparation", so I can't move. Anyway, the NPC say that it's the town with the last gym leader, the dark town.

    I hope you can fix this for your nexts updates.
    Thanks for reading, and i think your game is awesome!
    Hmm, I guess having a walkthrough helps in these cases. You gotta admit level 21 is pretty low for fighting with Pryce. I got the walkthrough (pdf) from the first page. It is not for c-dex version (which I am playing) and not in English but I can see what level my pokemon need to be to face next gym. Or if I get stuck I can look at the quick guide at the start of the walkthrough. It only shows where to go next. It is unfortunate that it took you to Surence town after losing to Magma leader though. I think you are stuck. Normally, when you beat them, the game teleports you to Platepics shortly after.
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