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Hi folks, I fixed the CSS in the first post (it was glitchy). The opening post is now a holiday theme. I removed the activity/post points system since I didn't have time to maintain it with so many members. Hope everything is a little tidier now! I'm mostly waiting for the Sonic 2013 game in the mean time~

What is your most favorite Zone out all the Sonic Games so Far? Top 3 and from which game
Similar to a past topic, but my top three zones are:
1. Ice Cap - Sonic 3
2. City Escape - Sonic Adventure 2
3. Starlight Carnival - Sonic Colors
City Escape gives me massive nostalgia vibes while the other two are visually stunning for their time. My fav stages have good music to boot, but Sonic games have good music 99.9% of the time. n_n

another easyyy topic to get discussion going:
Who is your favorite villain?
So I'm playing Sonic Adventure 2 again and I gotta say... I have a newfound appreciation for ol' Doctor Eggman.
Eggman gets insanely close to legitimately destroying Sonic. If Sonic didn't have that fake yellow chaos emerald and ~magically~ use Chaos Control, well I guess the series would be over. :(

Eggman points a gun to Amy and constantly reminds Sonic throughout Crazy Gadget that Amy will die if Sonic doesn't hurry up. In Sonic X (while not entirely canon, it furthers my point), Eggman tells the Metarex that it's one thing to threaten hostages, but it's gone too far if you actually hurt hostages. Haha, even Eggman has his limitations... What would he do if Sonic died or disappeared? Probably lose his mind. ;(

Although he's portrayed rather goofy lately and/or losing control of God monsters, Eggman definitely has some dark moments and shines best as the main villain. Lol now I'm thinking of my favorite badniks... Aaaa!