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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
So does anyone want to have any relationships with ol Aerous?
Okay, I know we're not in the same sector but...

Ari would, no, will cut/damage/murder Aerous if he ever felt like doing his kissing thing. She really dislikes him for his airheadedness and prefers to stay as far away as possible. If they happen to be in the same room together she'll simply act like isn't there, he's just wasted space. Though, she admires his physical combat knowledge and strength knowing that she can't do it herself. Despite her admiration she would never admit that to him because that's beneath her. Her favorite thing to do to him (maybe?) is play small illusion tricks so that he thinks they're minor eye tricks aka optical illusions. She doesn't care if he has caught on it makes her feel victorious to "succeed" in her little game.

Oh! And if Camellia and Aerous are friends maybe Ari doesn't like that they have any contact at all and she's always trying to drag Camellia away from Aerous.

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