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    Mt. Coronet Village Ruins
    Heading east Bay was back to the same path he was headed a day or two ago. Going back the direction he came from was the goal that Bay was determined to follow. Bay journeyed over back the same route, keeping at a steadied pace. He was glad that his legs were healed and he planned to avoid any serious injuries in the future. He traveled a dirt path through a small area of grass until he passed through the ruins of the village that he had trekked through twice.

    One his way down to what seemed to be the center of the ruins Bay stopped. He wondered what this place usedto be and moreover he was starving. He remembered that he hadn't eaten in almost a full day and so he set downhis back near a houseand searched for some food among the empty tin cans and remains of plastic wrappings and it was like finding a single pieceof hay in a needle stack as the remains of the cans felt almost like they were piercing his hands but as he checked his hands for cuts, in fear that he might've gotten infected, he was that his skin wasn't penetrated. He didn't want to stop here as it would almost be a waste of time but then again he felt like procrastinating and was also hungry.

    Making use of his scavenger skills, Bay looked for some sort of store but the only one he found was a small general store that had collapsed. He then decided to check the houses that were intact. After searching two houses he saw that the town was mostly ransacked although he managed to find enough food and water to last him about a week if he rationed it. After reaching the only house that he hadn't searched yet he decided to warp it all up and search this last house before he moved on to cover the most distance he can and reach the shack he
    stayed in before it got dark.

    As he entered the house through a window on the front, a voice in his head. "There's someone on the other side" said Flow with a stern voice.

    Bay casually walked out to the back of the house through it's interior. As he walked through a hallway he noticed at the end the walls were reduced to about shoulder level. He also detected that there was one... no two people on the other side. He continued walking until he reached outside where there was a sense of serenity. In the backyard of the house, where he now was, he was staring at the backs
    of two girls, one with blonde hair that seemed to speak out to him as if he knew her. The girl closest to him was knelt down right beside the other girl and she seemed curious and confused, her eyesight switching from the rocks to the other girl.The one further from him was kneeling in front of two stones sticking out of the ground (one with explicit wording on it that seemed to desecrate it) that normally would seem like regular rocks but the way the girl seemed to have somewhat of a connection with the rocks made it seem like they were monuments. She held a pink fluffy item under her arm that resembled something Bay had seen inside of a book before and it managed to disturb him. It appeared almost to be something of an abomination to him. Disregarding the Skitty plush, he felt that the vibe around here was was melancholic and sentimental although he was known to be wrong.

    As he approached, the girl started bawling and pointed at the grave and she flinched when a piece broke off it. He noticed inscriptions on both of the rocks although both weren't in pristine condition. Bay cautiously neared the two girls and kneeled down beside the girl with the plush doll, hoping not to disrupt her. Without giving it a thought he pat her on the shoulder and exclaiming "Hey, what are those two monuments?"

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