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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Im fairly content with anything but I dont think Aerous is going to have the ability to fire lazers from his eyes >.>
... I'm not sure where this was directed at but I feel as if it was toward my last two sentences so I'll further explain. What I meant by "minor eye tricks" was nothing like that. Hmm, I guess I should've entirely reworded that. Just like making him see small (or bigger) things that aren't there such as him grabbing for something, like his sword, but Ari has masqueraded it as a slithering snake for two seconds. Stuff like that.

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
Could do, although I think Camellia would remain oblivious to Ari disliking Aerous/not understand her dislike of him.
I think that's perfectly fine. Ari wouldn't do it in a way that's obvious but just make up some excuse as to why Camellia should go do something or come with her right now.

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