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He began whispering to himself, "Oh dear, she isn't coming peacefully, what should I do?" Answer her questions child..., "But what if she doesn't believe me, maybe she wants to fight, but I don't know if I can fight her." Spark said she needed to talk to her. "And an order is an order, but what if she wants to kill her?" Well then, you will have to kill her first. "You are so wise!"

Makoto stopped shivering, having forgotten his fear, "She didn't tell me to tell you either of our names, she did say you would be with that boy though, but she didn't tell me to take him." He began to get confused, completely oblivious to the sword now. "She didn't say that I shouldn't kill him..." He mumbled to himself, "Are you guys going to hurt me? I was told not to kill Aria, but she just told me that you would be with a boy, so I think I'll kill him only if you are going to hurt me, is that okay?"
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