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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Well I have my first post ready to copy paste so hopefully I'll be first to post >:D
I'm curious how you already know the first mission ;o Basically the RP starts off with a mission of stopping thieves that have stolen goods and are preparing to leave the island as a get-to-know-your-character kind of thing with their battle style/powers/team mates, so I'd be surprised if you'd written that already xD But I'm assuming you've written about talking to other players and getting to know them or something like that...? If so you could still use it and edit it to rally a team or as what he was doing before the call to help :3

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Oh, AlexOzzyCake (Still don't know a shorter way of typing out your handle. :P ), would it be okay if I removed a clause in Oda's secondary power? I'd like to get rid of the "Can be slowed" one, because if she can be slowed down to just barely be going faster than the force pushing against her, it's as good as being completely still anyway.
Most people call me Ozzy. :) So effectively she'd be an unstoppable force which was entirely unstoppable...? Unless I'm misunderstanding, that seems really overpowered don't you think? I must admit, when I first read that sentence I assumed it was more just an idiom to describe her balance between life and death rather than an actual power haha, but I could be wrong and honestly I'm not understanding this 'power' at all right now so care to explain for me? :)
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