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    Wyatt frowned as the girl ran off in a quick hurry to do something that was apparently urgent but those motives weren't communicated. He caught her sketch book that she dropped and frowned. For some reason this kept on happening to him. He debated on whether or not he should help her or not but he had difficulty deciding. After a few seconds she was almost halfway out of sight when Wyatt decided to not leave himself in an awkward moment with the remaining company and he released Neptune (Totodile) out of his pokeball and told him to travel ahead of him to assist the girl. "Use Aqua Jet to help that girl" Wyatt shouted out fiercely before running in the same direction of the girl who introduced herself as Evie.

    Even if it's none of my buisness it's better to be safe then to be sorry. He thought to himself as he started sprinting to catch up with the girl who was almost out of sight. He hadn't touched his bare feet on any outdoor surface in years but he didn't hesitate as he was gaining on the girl until he saw her stop and stare off where the sound of the commotion where coming from: a boy trapped on a rock and a Corphish trying to climb up and attack him. Evie commanded her Umbreon to use shadow ball and the attack looked menacing or at least to Wyatt. Wyatt followed up by calling Neptune to follow Evie's lead.

    "Neptune! Use Aqua Jet to follow up on Leka!" he shouted while balling up his fist with a grin. Sure enough, Neptune glided, or maybe even skated across the ocean at high speed, behind the shadow ball heading towards the Corphish that had seemingly gone feral.

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