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    James “Jay” Rybak

    The silver-haired girl introduced herself,“Nice to meet you, Jay, you don’t mind if I call you Jay, right?I’m Evie and Leka’s my Umbreon.”

    I took a deep breath.Evie seems to be timid-looking, and looked friendly. I tried to think of makinga good response as I do not want to upset anyone or put anyone in a negativemood. I thought for about a bit to organize my thoughts and my words.

    Once I found the rightwords, I spoke.”It is nice to meet you too, Evie and Leka. It is okay if youcall me Jay. Many people prefer to call me this nickname,” I smiled a bitremembering how I got this nickname.

    When I was a youngchild, my grandfather used to make up stories of an alternate universe with noPokemon. Instead of Pokemon, the story had creatures called Animals that weresimilar to Pokemon. One of the made up creatures was called a Blue Jay. TheBlue Jay was a bird Animal in the alternate universe. My grandfather named thebird Animal, Blue Jay, after me. It was all because my name started with a j,my favorite color is blue, and I love bird Pokemon. My grandfather was thefirst person to give me the nickname, Jay. Eventually, my parents caught on tocalling me Jay. I did not mind the nickname. I found the nickname quite fittingto my personality.

    Leka, the Umbreon, elegantlyleaped onto a boulder opposite of me. Evie was glaring at the MoonlightPokemon. Evie faced to my direction again to give a smile. Evie choosed a rockto sit down on near Leka. She pulled out a sketchbook from her bag, and thentried to uncover something from within her bag.

    “So”, Evie began while trying to find anobject inside her bag, “You been coming here long?”

    I took a deepbreath to try to calm myself from the uneasiness I felt. I felt a bit moreconfident after the deep breath, and answered, “I guess I’ve been here at thiscove during my free time sometimes. This cove was the first place I went on OakIsland when I first stepped off the boat to Oak Island. It’s one of my favoriteplaces on this island. The cove reminds me of my home, Cherrygrove City. Thisplace reminds me of the scent of fresh flowers and bitter sea salt back at Cherrygrove.The cove is near the ocean and plains that brings the aroma of seawater andwildflowers.”

    It’s so beautiful here” she grinned at finding the unknown object inher bag. The object was a pencil. Evie breathed in and said, “And smells wonderful! Reminds me of Cherrygrove, back home.” Evie closed her eyes to say,“It’s so nice back home this time of year, my aunt use to takeme there to look at some shops in the holidays, when we were working on theranch.”

    “I was bornin Cherrygrove and lived there for most of my life. I also worked as a cashier forthe Pokemart at Cherrygrove,” I responded. Cherrygrove was one of my favoriteplaces in Johto, I lived there for most of my life. However, I think it’s a bitbiased to say this since my home is at Cherrygrove.

    Evie slowly opened hereyes and looked over at me to ask me with awe, “YourPokémon look amazing by the way, never really seen a bird Pokémon up close, arethey difficult to train?”

    “Thank you,“I courteously told Evie,”I do not know the level of difficulty to train bird Pokemon.I guess it depends on the personality of the Pokemon, the personality of thetrainer, and the environment. I apologize if I don’t have the information youneed.”

    My eyesslowly drifted to see Evie drawing in her sketchbook, and I felt the pang ofjealously and envy hidden deep within my mind. I looked at my own drawing. Mydrawing wasn’t good as Evie’s drawing in my opinion, but I tried harder to makemy own drawing more “perfect”. I tried to capture the glistening diamonds ofthe grand blue sea. I tried to etch every small detail from the small grains ofa rock to the details of each wave I could see on the ocean. I was so intenselyfocused on drawing that not even the sound of the crashing of waves wouldbother me.

    "Hey,I'm Wyatt..."

    “Erm, hey nice to meet ya, I’m Evie.Sorry I didn’t give a warmer welcome, didn’t see ya coming’”

    I looked upfrom my sketching to see a boy with a black drawstring hoodie, and Eviespeaking to the boy. Oh dear, I did not notice the boy, and I did not introducemyself. Where are my manners today? I spoke to the boy in a hoodie with a hintof meekness,” Hi Wyatt. I apologize if I did not notice, and that I did notintroduce myself. My name is James Rybak. Most people tend to call me Jay.”

    I heard somethingfaint, but my ears pricked up as I heard my nickname, "JAY!!!...NEED…HELP!!!...CORPISH…KILL...HELP!!!"

    “Sorry!” saidEvie as she ran off to the direction of the yelling.

    I quickly put my two notebooks and mypencil back into my bag, and whistled to my bird Pokemon to follow me. I triedto hustle to the direction of the noise as rapid as I could. With each step,the sand was dipping into my sneakers. The friction between the sand and mysneakers were pushing me, lowering my speed. As I got closer to the directionof the sound, I saw Orange, one of my friends, atop a rock with a Corpishcircling the rock, the Corpish most likely trying to reach Orange. The expressionon Orange’s face was a terrified expression.

    I tried to calm down Orange, “Orange! Don’tworry, I’ll try to get rid of the Corpish! I apologize for not coming heresooner!”

    Evie commanded Leka,the Umbreon, “Leka! Shadow ball!”

    The ball ofshadows flew in the direction of the Corpish. I had to do something to preventOrange from getting hurt. I exclaimed to my three Pokemon,”Nalafari! UseTailwind and then use Brave Bird! Samuel! Use Pursuit! Emil! Use Dragon Pulse!”

    Nalafari flewtowards the Corpish at his top speed while using Tailwind to increase the speedof himself and his teammates. Nalafari’s wings glowed as he prepared a BraveBird attack straight at the Corpish. Samuel quickly flew to the Corpish to hitthe crab with a Pursuit attack. Emil paused for a bit. After a few seconds,Emil opened her mouth to unleash a Dragon Pulse attack from within herself atthe Corpish. However, the Dragon Pulse missed the Corpish and hit the spacenext to the Corpish.


    The Umbreongave off a snort and looked towards me, Samuel, and Nalafari. He bowed to me,Samuel, and Nalafari, “Leka’s the name, nice tomeet ya’ll,” the Umbreon spokewhile nodding,“Hope we aren’t intruding in your peaceand quiet. Just, Evie is a big artist and can’t resist a good view.”

    Samuel wasthe first to speak to Leka,”Salutations, it is a pleasure to meet you as well.My name is Samuel. It’s alright, you and your trainer are not meddling us inthis serene environment. I find your species interesting. It is interesting howan Eevee could have so many different kinds of evolutions. Perhaps it is theDNA, the genetic code, and the RNA that allows an Eevee to adapt to theirenvironment. I remember reading about this in one of James’s biology textbookswhen James had forgotten to close his book. I find science fascinating.”

    I was verynervous about meeting a Pokemon who I did not trust yet ever since the incidentwith a Quilava. However, I couldn’t be rude to Leka, and not introduce myself.I hid behind Samuel, showing a part of my face. I don’t want to be rude so Istammered out,”Ahmm…H-hi L-leka. My n-name is E-emil. I-it’s v-very nice tom-meet you. Also… no, no, no, you are n-not i-intruding our peace. Y-you’refine.”

    “Don’t worryabout Emil. She tends to be shy to others who she does not trust yet, “saidSamuel. Samuel tried to comfort me with a smile on his beak that reassured me.

    “Hey Sammyand Emi, don’t forget about me!” the Starly flew down to one of the lower rocksnear us while doing three loops in midair, “Introducing the awesome me,Nalafari! Unlike the other intros, my intro is going to be awesome!”

    “I’m the strongest,“shouted Nalafari as he used a Brave Bird attack on one of the smaller rockwith no one occupying the rock.

    Nalafari usedTailwind to increase his speed as he did a couple of loops in the air, “Thefastest…”

    “And theawesomest Starly eva!” exclaimed Nalafari as he landed on the rock Samuel and Iwere atop of.


    I heard thesound of the two-toned whistle from the vocals of Jay. It was the signal tofollow him when there is a problem or a dilemma. Nalafari was flying in thefront, ready for what would occur. I was behind flying with Samuel. As I flewcloser to the trouble, I saw one of Jay’s friends on top of a rock with aCorpish below trying to snatch the human. Nalafari was launching a Brave Birdattack towards the Corpish while Samuel was coming up with a Pursuit attack tothe Corpish.

    I thought fora bit before I use my Dragon Pulse attack. I did not want to hurt anyone.Instead of attacking the Corpish, I tried to use my Dragon Pulse to hit thespace next to the Corpish. I planned to scare the Corpish in order to cause theCorpish to run to safety.

    ((I apologize if this post is too long. I'll fix the spacing issues between the words later.))

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