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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Most people call me Ozzy. So effectively she'd be an unstoppable force which was entirely unstoppable...? Unless I'm misunderstanding, that seems really overpowered don't you think? I must admit, when I first read that sentence I assumed it was more just an idiom to describe her balance between life and death rather than an actual power haha, but I could be wrong and honestly I'm not understanding this 'power' at all right now so care to explain for me?

    And that's true; I was aiming for something like having speed, but not as standard as just regular. So, perhaps you'd be willing to let me play up the balance and Oda's survival skills instead? If I were to take the stopping of her body's cycles a bit further, it could perhaps make it so she can't have her mind altered as well as her body? So, she can affect the world only as a talented human being, but has total dominion over herself, save for The Hanged Man's influence?

    Oda would, of course, still be vulnerable to illusions that are summoned into the world, instead of affecting the mind of the watcher. So, if The Empress were to summon a swarm of bugs for everyone to see, Oda would see them along with everyone else. But, if she were to try trapping Oda in eternal pain, it wouldn't work. She also wouldn't be able to see through The Hermit's invisibility.

    Too much or...? It's kinda difficult to come up with fitting secondary powers for this card.
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