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I returned home from my errands and felt ready for the day. "Master I'm home!" I ran to the place my master usually was, his bed. "Sir wake up! I finished what you asked me to finish." I saw that my dog was still sleeping in the living area, he would find me later so I left him to his own devices.

He slowly opened his eyes, "When I said do these things tomorrow, I didn't mean before the sun rose!" He rolled onto his side, "Heavens help me, what time did you wake up?"

"Well I woke up an hour ago and saw the moon, then I did all of the filing of our expenses, then I went out and the sun was almost up so I went to get some food." I counted the things I did on my fingers.

"And how did you find a store that was open at this time of day?" He groaned.

"I didn't." He groaned even louder.

"You're going to have the swords on us!"

"No, no my best friend is a sword remember, and anyways I left a note..." I said happily.

"Take the money on my nightstand and go payback any stores that you took from please. And don't wake me until I can see the sun!" He mumbled.

I complied and took his money, skipping out of the room. "See you later!" I skipped happily out of the house and dropped the money in the mailboxes of the store owners. Then I looked up at the mansion, "I bet Tobi is awake! He will want to play, I bet it." I was so excited to be able to play that I almost fell off the wall I was climbing.

Last year I was accepted into the family, and at first I lived in the big house, but my master began to get older and need my help more, so now I live with him. I still have a room in the mansion, and they always make sure to lock it and make it challenging for me to break in.

Anyways I broke into the house like any other day to see my friend Tobi, sometimes I break into his window, but usually when I do that I get scolded. I snuck through the corridors going straight to his room. There were some early maids up, but otherwise it was very silent. I pounded on Tobi's door, "Tobi, do you want to play? Hey are you awake?"
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