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    This is a Kit for RPG Maker VX Ace that allows users to create Pokemon Games while still using the database to keep compatibility with other custom scripts.

    More information about the project is available on my blog at REDACTED FOR USING ADFLY. How does it use the database you might ask, well by using the noteboxes located in almost every tab of the database to implicate the custom features. My main reason for doing such is so that a user can take advantage of the features(traits) system that Ace has provided. You can still use external text files to add notes (this would mainly be useful for adding trainers because they have a lot of notetags that need to be added to set them up properly or for notes that are universal across all Pokemon(such as abilities or pokerus)


    What you can do to help.
    1. If you find a script that allows for the use of animated GIF images for battles among other things that would be appreciated.
    2. You can compile resources for the Kit (Pokemon following sprites are already in place) such as Battlers or Tilesets. More on resource contributing later on in the Post. (If you plan to do so please message me first, so you don't create something that I already have from another source)
    3. Suggesting custom scripts that might help the project. I will provide feedback on the scripts (Usually one of the following A. Thank you that works. B. Sorry that doesn't seem to fit my needs for the project. C. This system is already in place D. Sorry the script has compatibility issues.) Again if you plan to write one specifically for this kit message me so you don't make something that is already there
    4. Give suggestions on how things could be done or improved (this will mainly be ready once the project goes to beta leading up to the full resease)

    Resourse rules
    Please read all points before contributing reasoures.
    1. Tilesets need to be compatible with VX Ace (No XP Tiles)
    2. Battlers are to be named like the attachments dictate ({national pokedex no.(3 digits)}_{form id usually 0}{if shiny put lowercase s on the end} female forms are considered form id 1 in this kit) This can either be in .gif format were the image is animated or in .png were one image is static and another image with the same name that has all the frames with [anim] after the name. See attachments for examples.
    3. Animations should have a project with it having the animation set up. (please include all sound effects needed for the animation.)
    4. Characters are to be in either single image format (notated with a $ on the front of the file name or in the 8 image format (again I don't need Pokemon following.
    5. Keep all images that aren't tilesets in their original size. It helps when it comes to making door images and buildings.(By that I mean at the size that they are in the handheld games.
    6. Please make sure that .gif images don't have chopped up frames.
    7. Thank you for following directions you may now contribute resources.

    Good Places to Get Resources
    (Bellow is a collection of sprites that could be used to get resources.)


    Scripts:(All mini scripts are mine)
    • Crystal Noel (obviously)
    • Yanfly
    • Victor Sant
    • Yami
    • Dekita
    • Tuskihime
    • GubiD
    • TDS
    • Estriole
    • Xzeph
    • Mr. Bubble
    • TheoAllen
    • William Couillard
    • Syvkal
    • Moghunter
    • Fomar0153
    • Galv
    • DiamondandPlatinum
    • Khas Arcthunder
    • Kread-EX
    • Mithran
    • Xypher
    • Eugene222
    • Casper Gaming
    • et10985
    • Modern Algebra
    • Ventwig
    • Nicke
    • DerTraveler
    • Shaz
    • Cremno
    • KilloZapit
    • Saba Kan
    • Raizen
    • FL

    • kurai
    • MrMasterMrDoom
    • P-Sign
    • Clowcardruler
    • Maruno
    • Venom12
    • FL .
    • apoclaydon
    • Jtanooki
    • Rick1234
    • wvistaultimate
    • Timmah
    • snivy101
    • tebited15
    • wesleyfg
    • jellojolteon
    • Mindnitez-REMIX
    • AzRaezel
    • Scanime
    • EvilEagles
    • Melody Storm
    • TyranitarDark
    • Chris Marsh
    • Sheano
    • Dusty Collector
    • RPG Maker Times
    • More Cowbell
    • GrandmaDeb
    • The Dreaming Boy 88
    • Dashinghero
    • PhoenixOfLight92
    • Everyone involved in this Sprite Project

    The attached thumbnails are very long and not so tall, but most web browsers the cursor should change if you are over one.
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