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    Oda Baldotter


    A gust of wind blew before Oda's feet, as she stood upon a corner of the docks and watched ripples form across crystal water. Although the sea's caress made her coat flutter about softly, the woman often found herself on the shoreline to watch the vast expanse of azure that churned serenely beneath the last beams of sunset. It was a peaceful time to spend alone, when a stressful day had passed or to ponder any revelations in her research, with the latter being far and few between.

    Perhaps the disturbance of her outfit would have disturbed the silent Swede, but she didn't bother with switching between formal attire as many of her siblings would. The outfit she wore throughout the day served well enough for a noble mien, despite the illusions that some sisters had of formality requiring the flashing of skin meant to go unexposed. She could not judge them for it, of course, but she did wonder who they hoped to impress within their own family with dancing cleavage.

    But that was merely the melancholy of tradition getting to the older woman's head. It was most souring for her mood, so a brief attempt was made to switch the trail of thought to something more positive, such as the upcoming announcement that was the reason for this grand Famiglia ball, besides the fact that it had been a year since the last. Despite herself, Oda worried whether anything sinister was behind the supposed announcement, for things among the Famiglia's ranks had not been going well in recent times.

    Oda's reverie of thought was broken by a sudden yelling from beyond the docks, that sounded panicked and drew a snap of her head to its origin. "Quick, stop those men!" The voice yelled, sounding particularly like a town guard she'd spoken with a few times. He seemed like a sensible enough man, and not one to emerge in a flight of whimsy. If there was danger on the island, message was sure to be spread swiftly enough, so it was with a sharp turn that the Adept of Swords sprinted down the wet wooden platform.

    There were many choices of what to do, but Oda had a fair amount of experience in catching whatever slipped through the fingers of the town guard. Soon enough, the entire island would be on lockdown to stop anyone from fleeing on boats, but perhaps these criminals wouldn't know it. They would have had to infiltrate the ranks of Sword to know the procedure, besides common sense, but anyone who attempted to steal from the Famiglia surely lacked any of that.

    With a firm yet calm demeanor, Oda strolled through the streets of the harbor with the commands that all of the citizens should retreat to their homes until the matter was resolved. As the town guard did the same, she received information on what had transpired, including the theft from the bank. This was no job for the town guard, if the thieves could get into the heart of Regalo's bank, so she was sure that at least one other of the Famiglia would come to shut down the docks.

    As she waited for the arrival of somebody to aid her in taking down the thieves on this section of the island, Oda kept her gaze on the private boats that were docked on the harbor. If any of the thieves tried to nab one, she would need to act whether backup was present or not.
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