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    Tobi Lomborte
    The Sun

    At the sound of the vigorous pounding of his door Tobi jumps up startled and subsequently Simon, his boisterous housecat springs up from his position on the night stand.

    "What in the world??" Putting his book down and tossing away his bed sheets Tobi trudges to his room door, only night clothes on, and opens it to see Annabelle as giddy and impatient as ever.


    "Anna?! How did you get in-", he stops himself as she gives him a look, "Right, silly of me to ask... Um, Good Morning?"

    "You too. Cmon, the sun is shinning and I thought today we could have some fun.", Tobi could tell she was serious although he couldn't fathom why, at this time of day.

    Tobi yawned after looking out his draped window. "Well yes, but today is the day of the ball and we gotta prepare. Do we have to go now?"

    Annabelle intentionally adjusted the tone of her voice to make it seem as if she took offense to the response. "Yes! Common, we don't have much time to loose!"

    "Alright, alright I'll be right back." Realizing there's no point in contesting any further, he sighs, closes his door and starts to get ready to go out. After 10 minutes Tobi exits his room with his casual attire, his sword and scabbard, and Simon in toe."Ok where to?"

    "Hmm...I was thinking the garden. It's shady and the birds are always chirping in the morning."

    "Sounds like a plan then." After they venture down to the dining hall and have a light breakfast prepared by a maid, they head out beyond the courtyard and start to have a gentle stroll, with Annabelle of course leading a conversation.

    All of a sudden a royal guard comes dashing from around a hedge, almost out of breathe but he manages to conjure up the strength to speak. "Sir Tobi, and Lady Annabelle! Some thieves have stolen from the island's vault! I've been sent for your immediate assistance!"

    Annabelle smiled and added, "Good thing I woke you up then?"

    Tobi frowned slightly annoyed at the comment, "Not now Anna. I sure they'll be over by the ports seeing as that's their only means of escape." He motions the the guard, "I need you to go alert the others ASAP!"

    The guard salutes, "Yes sir!", then dashes off to the mansion as Tobi and Annabelle make their way to the docks with haste.
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