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    Originally Posted by FiyahKitteh View Post
    This is very freakin' impressive and I can tell that a lot of work is and will be going into this.

    I really like all the ideas you have (digging site; elemental areas as opposed to mixed terrains etc.) and I am absolutely looking forward to seeing this all happen!

    I hope that you can finish this some day and it won't get abandoned at some point, because of how complex it is. I'd be sad, because your ideas have a lot of potentials. I am aware though, that it's a lot to do. Kudos, though. =D
    Thank you oh so very much I'm almost done the first big chunk of it, some will require the help of scriptors but I'm sure that will happen eventually. It's nice that I finally got someone who seems into the game's set up besides me though. The real challenge will be getting people far enough in the game to test out the post story and legendary quests.

    My laptop is being a jerk again, so unless its better in the morning I may not make much progress on this for a bit but that's what happens when you buy a cheap laptop on sale instead of a good one for a bit more. Hopefully I will have enough to get one I want with the Christmas money/scholarship/financial aid and I can work on it when not doing my school work.

    Still working on resizing the sprites, but since my computer is stupid it isn't going so fast. I'm thinking about working on battle backgrounds soon too for the arena... might do those once I figure out how to line them up right, and I'm not a very good spriter so they won't look amaziiing. Yea, I sign up for classes tomorrow, so I won't be able to work on this until I get back from that. Fingers crossed that my laptop gets nice again.
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