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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    Xoxaa's morning training was complete for the day. It was exhausting work, sparing against the other trainees at the dojo, but it was satisfying and made her a stronger warrior. Since she had a bit of spare time, naturally a session of training must be promptly followed up by consuming body building sustenance. Her morning favorite would be the delicacy of choice from one of her favorite food stops. Some egg, cheese and ham placed between pieces of bread provides the hefty sum of protein and other energy building nutrients that keep her strong and growing, accompanied with a bottle of fresh, cold water kept in her blue bag she has strapped over her left shoulder. Nothing could make her quite as happy as a scrumptious meal after a rigorous training session. With her sandwich in hand, she decided to take a stroll while enjoying her meal, her body still coated with a "fresh" layer of salty sweat and wet clothes, skin tight and darkened by sweat but comfortable and form fitting for ease of movement, but with an unfortunate side-effect of showing a little too much skin and revealing her hourglass figure and her large "rump and bumps" as she would comically call them. Her destination on her stroll would be obvious: the island's harbor to feel the calm ocean breeze and watch the beautiful waves crashing against the docks and shore.

    "Quick, stop those men!" a voice uttered, the sound of a man nearby.

    Boots stomped in a frenzy as a squad of guards raced in the direction supposedly of those they're to stop. In mid bite, Xoxaa glanced at the situation blankly, unaware of the crisis at hand. The guards wasted no time in abandoning the scene, piquing the girl's curiosity. She started gobbling her sandwich at a quicker pace, being careful not to waste a single crumb, as nothing upsets her more than perfectly good food going to waste, especially when she had intended to eat it, anticipating the need to take action depending on the circumstances. Xoxaa makes it to the intersection that the guards passed by, and looks to her right, seeing the squad hustle towards the supposed wrong-doers, given what the one man had stated.

    "What could this be about?" pondering to herself regarding the event she just witnessed.

    Just as she was about to check out the situation, her eyes caught sight of someone else. Someone was by the end of a pier, a taller woman with dark hair from the looks of it. What was more substantial, however, was that the harbor was eerily absent of activity.

    "The harbor... There's nobody there except for that woman. Normally the docks are bustling with activity in the morning. Was business shut down due to whatever those guards were shouting about?" she contemplated, slowly piecing together the scenario. "Wait... That woman... She looks familiar. I think... Is she that older woman from the Famiglia? I think she's from the Sword sector too... What was her name again?"

    It was an embarrassing moment, granted it was personal, but not recognizing people in her own sector only made Xoxaa feel awkward, still feeling somewhat distant from the people of the Famiglia, most importantly her own sector of all things. Still, she had more important things to do at the moment, like see what the guards are up to, and of course, the most sacred of obligations: finishing her mid-morning meal. No good meal must go uneaten in her world, and she wasn't about to veer off that path anytime soon. However, jumping into action immediately after eating would only make her feel ill, and she would much rather have her food stay inside of her body. The solution? Eat faster, and with bigger bites! Drinking more frequently to wash it down would also assist in her consumption process. It was settled then: she would quicken her pace, both of the eating and of the feet, and meet up the guards, except that she had one more concern. As she had turned towards the direction of the guards, she tilted her glance to her left, back down at the pier where the woman was at. It puzzled her. Why was she standing there? Couldn't she hear what the guard was yelling? Surely she was close enough to hear him as he was pretty loud, as Xoxaa had heard his bellow from several blocks away.

    "I best not worry about her," thought Xoxaa, shying away from the idea of confronting the woman after becoming flooded with anxiety that caused her stomach to churn, deciding instead to focus solely on the activity oriented around the guards. "I'm sure she knows what she's doing. Plus, I doubt she'd want to deal with me anyway."

    Her course would take an abrupt turn then. Still, she wasn't about to abandon her meal or eat it too quickly, as she still wanted to enjoy her food. Thus, she quickened her pace, heading in the direction of the guards, gobbling the rest of her sandwich and drinking from her water bottle. Xoxaa wasn't expecting action this early in the morning, but this was the kind of stuff she trained for.
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