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    The Last Rose of Azure.

    Level 20
    Floor 8 - Dovren

    Bacarra stepped out of the store. The area seemed to be a little more populated than earlier. In particular there was, what seemed to be, a couple near a wall by the store. There was an eccentric aura to them. Initially it seemed the two carefree, spending their time relaxing on the side of a wall, happy, but as their conversation moved on it seemed to become sad and soon the man began to console the girl and then before long the two perked up again, going back to their happy selves.

    The sight reminded Bacarra a bit of herself and the issues she’s been trying to overcome. Accepting that this world that has taken so much from her, can still give so much to her as well. This was the very nature of this game. A devil in angel's clothing that only turns out to be an angelin devil's clothing. It seems like most of the players were probably experiencing something similar in one form of another. It was a really happy and sad existence they were forced into undergoing and it was slowly becoming hard for her to tell which overpowered the other. Was this game really so bad? Her heart sank with that though. Of course this game was evil, they took her friends away from her. There is nothing more to it. She averted her glaze when she realized that she had been staring for a while. She looked over to her familiar, standing idly on the floor next to her. She shook her head. This wasn’t a time to be existential, she had work to do.

    “Come on Azure. We need to get going.

    Bacarra took her first few steps away from the shop, followed by an elegant trail of pixels from the blue phoenix behind her.The two finally left Bralec's shop and were officially on their way to the seventh floor. A heavy sigh came from the girl when they arrived to the eighth floor's portal.

    “I really can’t believe I’m doing this…”

    Taking a few steps, the two entered the portal.And with that the two disappeared disappeared. Only to instantly reappeared a few hundred feet below where they were before. A frown covered Bacarra’s face a she melodramatically dragged her way out of the portal. Her eyes peered at what was in front of her. It was a familiar sight.

    Floor 7 - Kansas

    A seemingly endless was plain stood in front of her, scattered with stacks of hay and fences galore, dried up crops, and there were all types of shades of yellows and browns. This was truly the middle of nowhere: Kansas, the seventh floor of Aincrad.

    “I really hate this place.”

    Behind the girl was a large house behind her, the only building in this rural wasteland. Noticing the building, she turned immediately losing all interest in it. A sense of disgust flowed around her stomach as she rushed her way over to the plains.

    “I’m going to be as quick as possible. Run in kill the lizard, get out.”

    The girl moved on, running in a direction of some crops, hoping for a monster to show up. . The place was pretty desolate; Bacarra wasn’t the only one not too fond of this floor.

    “So where do I find lizards? I remember seeing some when I was leveling up here earlier.”

    Bacarra pondered, moving aimlessly through the area. She absentmindedly slashed at any occasional cow, horse, chicken, or any other native monster that would occasionally attack her without too much interest in her rewards for doing so. Thanks to the strength of her blade, most of them would go down with one or two hits.

    “If I remember correctly, lizards like really dry rocky places. They should be somewhere around here.

    The young warrior found herself in a rocky plain, there were a few low level lizards monsters roaming in the area, unfortunately none of them were blue, all just some shade of yellow or brown . Bacarra sighed as she continued to walk down the dry area. As she walked amoung the rocks, the rocks progressively got larger, as did the monsters living with them.The girl eventually stopped as she realized the area around her has completely changed. She was now in between many large rocks in the middle of a desert.

    "Hopefully we're getting close. Looks like we are in a canyon now. Are there even Canyons in Kansas?"

    The young warrior moved deeper into the canyon, fighting off the various reptiles that lived in the crevice. Eventually she reached the end of the canyon, only welcomed by a giant waiting at the end.

    “Guess this is him.”

    The girl grinned looking at the boss monster in front of her.

    It was a gigantic blue humanoid lizard.. It stood at about twice Bacarra’s height and had a very muscular build, emphasized by the fact that the creature only wore a worn out pair of pants. The collosus had a flat, regular lizard head, with frill like scales at the end of its jaw. The scales from the lizard’s neck to down to its tail were particularly large, thick and spikey, the scales on its chests however were flat and rounded, much like the scales on most lizards underbelly. The most particular aspect of the lizard was its pallete, with its distinct red eyes and more importantly, it’s shining blue scales. This was the lizard Bacarra was sent to kill.

    Noticing the girl approaching it, the lizard raised its weapon, slamming the huge blade at the girl. In response the young warrior jumped back, easily dodging the slow and telegraphed attack. She readied her blade and charged at the behemoth.

    ‘Azure, give me an agility boost and make sure you are out of the way!”

    The phoenix reacted immediately, to the command. It soared up far into the air and flapped it’s wings and to create a blue ray of light sent towards the girl. The girl speed doubled in a short burst, carrying her behind the creature almost immediately. Quick on her feet, the girl attacked the monster.

    «Sword Skills»
    Rodent's Jab!

    The girl pulled her blade back to quickly poke at the creature’s back, three times. A very basic swords art, but fairly effective at her level. At least, it usually was. The lizard shrugged off the attack and counted with a sweeping strike to it's back, throwing Becerra to the wall, cornering the girl. Pulling herself up, the girl muttered to herself,

    “Guess that was a dumb idea.”

    The attack didn’t obviously yield very much damage. It seemed unlike most monsters, the scales on this creature’s back actually provided a significant amount of defense, meaning a surprise attack isn’t going to be very effective. That left only one option for the girl.

    “Azure don’t worry about healing me right now, just give me a damage boost!”

    The soaring bird responded by sending out another wave of light, but rather than reaching the girl, it light flew into her sword, igniting it with a blue flame.Bacarra ran towards the lizard in front of her. Quickly dodging an incoming strike from the lizard blade, She slid to be right under the monster,

    «Sword Skills»
    Armor Pierce!

    Quickly and precisely, the young warrior thrust her blade at her new target: the monster’s chest. Almost effortlessly the blade slide right into the reptiles cold blooded heart. Still holding onto her sword, she tried to pull the blade from the monsters chest, only to be welcomes by a kick back from the lizard’s right leg. The girl flew away, taking her sword with her. Landing on her feet, the girl slid back due to the force of the kick.

    “Guess that didn’t kill him. Guess he’s a little sturdier than the usual monster.”

    The lizard jumped at the girl for a diving aerial attack. With quick movements the girl slid to the right to avoid the the blade. Leaving it to get stuck in the dry earth where she once stood.

    “Good thing this thing is so easy to read. His hits really do hurt eally hurt.”

    Taking advantage of the time she just received, Bacarra looked over to her health bar; it was just about half empty from just the two hits she endured. She stared a bit to get a sense of how quickly she was naturally recovering. Due to her absurdly high level of HP regeneration, it would only take about forty five seconds for her to recover all of her remaining HP, something she could easily cover if she decided to just use a potion, but Bacarra wasn’t a type to waste supplies when she didn’t need to, though there were exceptions to everything.

    “Might as well finish this with one more hit.”

    With a quick motion, the girl summons a crystal into her hand. She gripped the crystal in her hand to activate its energy. A surge of strength flowed through the girl’s body, as she looked at the incoming Lizard. It ran blade first, as though to thrust the blade into her.

    «Sword Skills»
    Beheading Strike!

    The girl soared into the air, completely dodging the incoming attack. Adjusting her body as that she was falling blade first, the girl targeted herself at the lizard. The girl blade fell to the back of the lizards neck, completely decapitating it,leaving behind a limp bodybehind her and a rolling head in front of her by the time she landed.

    “Too Easy.”

    The girl spun her blade over her head and returned it to her back, as though in response to the action, the lizard exploding into a million particles. Leaving a message above Bacrra’s head:

    «Level Up!»
    Congratulations, Bacarra has reached Level 21!

    The message faded and the only game construct left for Bacarra was the menu explaining her reward. She walked over to read the list of items she recieved.

    Salamander's Tooth (x1)
    Blue Scale (x5)
    Tough Scale (x2)
    Reptile's Eye (x1)
    Blue Reptile Leather (x10)

    Looks like we got the scales Azzy! And some other neat stuff! Apparently I got that sword the big guy was fighting with, it's called Salamander's Tooth, . . . Doesn’t look like I can equip It though. Guess I need to craft it with something.”

    The girl shrugged.

    “Guess we better get these back to Bralec before he starts to worry.”

    The girl turning around to be welcomed by a huge announcement in the sky.

    Floor 8's Dungeon has been located!

    Bacarra looked over to her bird, her signature grin completely taking over her face.

    “Guess I'll just let him worry. Come on Azzy we have some important business on the front lines!”


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