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Littleroot Town/Route 101

“Well if a battle is what you want” Sarah said, still somewhat unsure as to what a Pokémon battle with another trainer would consist of. “Well now, I’ll get to see how you operate as a trainer!” Birch said, standing behind Sarah with his hands positioned in his pockets.
Sarah paced back and forth clutching Heracross’s poke ball, Xin looked so much like Jared, and it sort of made her mad. “Alright, let’s go Heracross!” she said, dropping her poke ball on the ground. Much like before in a paralyzing light Heracross appeared.

“Go Snubull!” Xin said, standing firmly behind his small Pokémon. “Well aren’t you tough with your Pink Pokémon” she quickly antagonized. Xin glanced back at the professor whom was lost for words. “Let’s not waist anytime, Snubull bite!” Xin screamed, sending Snubull on the attack.
“Heracross endure!” Sarah screamed, she chose that attack expecting a physical attack, but Heracross simply stood there and took the hit. “HEY WHAT GIVES!” Sarah screamed, somewhat confused.
“Sarah not every attack actually inflicts damage, some are geared towards a Pokémon status; endure simply braces your pokemon for a hit.” Birch explained with haste in his voice. “Snubull give it a bite!” Xin commanded again, “Screw that Heracross, use Nightslash!” the small bug Pokémon, fired huge dark slashes from its horn.
Snubull did an adept job in avoiding the strategically placed slashes. “Wow, that thing is quicker than it looks” She said in astonishment as the small Pokémon retreated to the base of its trainer. “That’s pretty impressive…” Sarah said, glancing down at Heracross.

“Let’s not waste any more time! Snubull tackle attack” Xin commanded with authority. We got to slow it down…” Sarah said, with her fist clenched together. Snubull rammed directly into Heracross knocking it back, Heracross rolled to a stop right in front of Sarah; though she thought it was ugly she mustered up a bit of concern.

“I have to do something….” She said, watching Heracross struggle to his feet. “Wait….” She said, thinking about how dusty the bed off the truck was. “I got it, Heracross fire a night slash at the ground” The bug Pokémon hoisted its head and fired a powerful slash from its horn towards the dirt.
The loud crash was soon followed by the dense dust rising into the air. “Alright good keep it up Heracross!” she screamed, again; watching as the mammoth bug Pokémon continued its onslaught on the ground.
“Wow Sarah, what a very innovative way to use sand-attack” Birch chimed in; there was a problem though, now Heracross couldn’t see Snubull and vice versa.

“I really backed myself into a corner with this one…” she said, just barley being able to make up Heracross in the dust induced haze. “No more games! Snubull fire fang!” Xin screamed, rushing through the haze Snubull launched itself at Sarah’s Heracross.
“Heracross endure!” she screamed, Snubull’s super effective attack hit hard, but thanks to Sarah’s quick thinking Heracross managed to survive the hit. “Great, nightslash now!” she said, trying to use Heracross’s close proximity to her advantage.

“Hera!” the massive bug Pokémon screamed, hitting Snubull full force with a nightslash, the small pink Pokémon bounced against the ground hard, before skidding in the ground to a stop. Fire fang wore down Heracross a lot, Sarah could see how heavy it was breathing; once the dust settled she could see Snubull was finally down for the count.

“Snubull is unable to battle the winner of the round and match is Heracross!” Professor Birch said, pointing towards Sarah and Heracross. “Wow...we won…” she said, looking down into the eyes of her Heracross.

“Whoa…I was your first win?” Xin said, recalling his Snubull. “Yeah you were…” she said, bending down to examine the damage Heracross had taken.
“Don’t worry Sarah I’ll heal your Heracross for you” Birch said, spraying Heracross with a potion. “As you battle more, you’ll learn about type strengths and weaknesses.” Birch said, with a hearty smile.
“I need to finish this game…” Sarah said in a whisper, recalling Heracross she once again hoisted her bag over her shoulder.

“Perhaps you should head up route 101 towards Odale town; surely you’ll get a lot more training down there…” Sarah turned towards Birch returning his statement with a simple head nod.
“Sarah, I’ll be in touch!” he said, waving her off; though the young trainer didn’t bother to turn back. “This must be route 101…” she said, slowly walking into what seemed like a plethora of trees. The eerie loneliness that came with the trip prompted her to send out Heracross.
Heracross came from the poke ball and instantly turned its back to Sarah. “Oh I get it, you’re still sour from the little ugly comment aren’t you?” she said, somewhat amazed at Heracross’s display of “human-like emotions”

“I get it, I’m sorry…but me and you are in this from start to finish…we can’t be mad at each other” Sarah said, bending at the waist a bit with her hands on her knees. Heracross turned slightly to see Sarah smirking back at her.
“Besides if you think that was mean, you’ll never be able to deal with me on my period” she said, chuckling a bit. “Hmmm, you need a nickname, I’m going to call you Hera” she said, taking her time to think a bit.

Hera fully engaged in Sarah now, turned to express her joy with being renamed. “Here, let’s take a little break” Sarah said, bracing herself up against a tree whilst Hera took a seat right beside her.
A good thirty minutes elapsed, Sarah found herself waking up to the cold air coming in. “I need to buy a warmer jacket” she said, rubbing her arms. Not fully alert to what was happening, she took a step in the tall grass much to the dismay of Heracross.
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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