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"Well I'll be seeing you, I'm heading to the Pokemart before the ceremony so I better get moving, bey!"I said as I started running to the Pokemart.

I quickly bought two more Pokeballs and a few more Potions.

"Alright, now to head to the ceremony, but I don't want to be there all alone so come on out, Slicer!"He said releasing the fossil Pokemon from his Pokeball.

They arrived at the ceremony where several people have already entered. Two of the Kimono girls were guarding the entrance. But the strange thing was that two trainers with Gengar were in front of him.

"Hey Slicer, if you behave tonight you can have most of my food for the night, deal?"

"Bu Bu Tooops!"He agreed shaking his head.

"Great, so lets get heading in."He said walking into the ceremony. It was a beautifull sight inside, a stage wich was mad to look like a water area, fountains placed here and there, and an all you can eat buffet which really caught the eyes of Slicer and Judai. Slicer tried to run to the buffet at sight, but Judai managed to take him to their seats. "Slicer, I said you can eat later!"He said scolding Slicer.
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