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Dante FareFyre and Rapp, Floor 6, Level 24 and Level 15

Rapp replied, continuing to show his hostility towards Dante. Hmm, he must hate me.
"Listen, I uhh... Thanks. I guess I owe... I don't know, but thanks.” Rapp stuttered, surprsing Dante.
Oh, maybe he doesn't. After a few more words from Rapp, the pair then continued onwards, Rapp now leading the way. As the continued through the cave Dante slayed beast after beast, not allowing Rapp to take any damage at all and leaving behind most of the drops for him.

Ah, it's not so boring anymore, these monsters aren't pathetic. The Spiral Horned Crabs continued to burst into data fragments as Dante cut through them with ease. The golden level up plate appeared in front of Dante after another Crab burst into data fragments. [Congratulations, you have reached level 25.] Quickly swiping the air the plate disappeared at the same time that Dante effortlessly hit an ejected horn out of the air before slaying the crab.

The pair finally made it to the end of a crab, stopping at the edge of the cliff to look down at the boss, which out line could be scarcely seen. Well there it is, I hope that Rapp won't freak out.
“Ready?” Rapp asked, his breathing had slowed down quiet a bit now.
“Yes I am sir, just stay behind me and you should be fine.” Dante replied, taking the lead to walk down the spiral wooden walkway which lead to the bottom of the room.
Nearing the bottom of the walkway, Dante decided to make his move.
“Continue to make your way down, I'll start the fight now.” Dante said, with a gentle smile on his face. Activating his speed skill he darted down the rest of the way towards the boss, who was also had the ore they had come for.

The boss slowly stood up and shook itself out as Dante got ever closer, his sword up ready to defend or attack in an instance. [Piercing strike], the purple trail appeared behind the sword as Dante plunged his sword into the crabs head as it was still getting up. Pushing off the crabs head he dodged the crabs hammer claw attack, which to his surprised shattered the ground right in front of it's own face. Oh, that was a heavy hit. Dodging another strike from the mini-boss Dante dashed in again and delivered a heavy blow just under it's eye. “DANTE!” a panicked Rapp screamed as two smaller Spiral Horned Crabs moved in on him. Where the hell did they come from? Dante thought as he activated his speed skill and dash sword art, leaving the slight purple trail behind him as he quickly gained ground. Crashing down on Rapp, the two crabs brought their claws as Rapp covered his face.

“Argh!” Dante let out jumping in between the two crabs claws, just in time. His sword was buried into the crab on the lefts claw, holding it away from Rapp and his feet pushing against the other crabs claw; protecting Rapp from any damage, at a price. Looking up he saw his health drop a little bit, still luckily in the green. Using his strength he extended his arms and legs out, pushing the crabs away a little bit while opening his inventory as he landed on the ground in front of Rapp. Looking forward at the 3 Crabs who were now closing in on him again he threw a potion back at Rapp. “Take that potion, activate your hiding skill and go hide. I can't protect you and fight off these three like this too well. Good luck!” Dante said as he sprinted towards the two closer crabs, hitting them both back just enough to allow Rapp to escape and hide.

Seeing Rapp now out of danger, Dante smiled. [Lily Dance] he activated his sword art, continuing to smile with purple now following him as he speed skill activated with the sword art. The first strike cut horizontally across one of the two smaller crabs, doing significant damage. Pushing off the first Crab, he floated through the air like a bullet, plunging his sword into the second of the smaller crabs. Again, ripping his sword out he dashed towards the main boss crab, taking a slight hit to the side, which he ignored. Leaving behind a purple cut wound on the side of the boss crab, he sliced again turned to face the little crabs, sword skill still active.

The lily dance proceeded , slash after slash between the three different bosses, with the main boss hitting Dante to the ground every now and then. The purple trail left behind as he dashed between the crabs began to leave the outline of a lily flower, with the red from Dante's wounds cutting through it every now and then. The tenth strike was more powerful, the fourth hit on the first crab. It pierced it's shell deeply this time, forcing the crab to exploded into data fragment as Dante dashed towards the second of the little crabs. Sliding under the crab he turned pushed his sword into the crabs underbelly. His speed skill activated, allowing him to slightly lift the crab up while his sword slide deeper into the crabs body. The second crab now burst into data fragments, Dante dashing towards the last crab, his sword skill still active. The last remaining crab, the boss who had the ore brought its claw down with force when Dante got in rage. Jumping in the air and spinning over the claw, he delivered his final blow of his skill, right down the centre of the crabs face, between its two eyes.

Falling to his knee, Dante released his breath while watching the crab disappear. In place of the crab appeared the ore they had come for, a smile appeared on Dante face. The whole event happened in about 10 seconds, with him unleashing 12 strikes in a row on the crabs, per his sword skill. That was tough, they nearly got me into the red.. he thought, getting to his feet and opening his inventory to pull out a heal potion. “I'm done now Rapp, you can come claim your prize.” Dante spoke out towards Rapp, inviting him in as he activated the potion, regaining his lost heal from yellow on the verge of red to the bright green of life. Sheathing his sword, he smiled relieved to see Rapp walk out, not have taken any damage and stand next to the ore.
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