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Natsumi Aido - floor 8/Dovren - level 12

Natsumi followed Kamui to Rose and Fester. He didn't say anything about the friend request but Natsumi could read on his face that he didn't dislike it. Fester seemed quite suprised to see them, did they really think Kamui and Natsumi would stay in starter city?

They entered the shop, and after Fester gave some details about Kamui, that he is lvl 4 and such, the Shopkeeper immediately started searching and showed some swords.

Natsumi took her opportunity to look for a new sword for her own, even though she didn't had so much gold. But then her eye fell on this one specific sword and turned to the Shopkeeper.


"S-sir? How much does this sword cost?" she carefully pointed at the sword and hoped she would have enough for it.
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