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Pokemon: Tournament of Life (IC)
OOC/SU here!

Above: Sinnoh in its golden times.


It’s been three years since Cyrus and team Galactic were defeated. Sinnoh returned to its once peaceful and tranquil state. Until now. During the three years of Sinnoh's recovery came the development of a new, national Pokemon League, the Legends League. Standing well above the Champions League, the Legends League poses a greater challenge to those who enter, most worringly, also a even greater danger. An outline of the tournament can be seen below:

  • Participants battle it out like any other tournament, however during every battle they must wear what is known as "Life Meter" around their wrists (similar to a watch).
  • These gadgets once worn cannot be taken off, once you enter the league, you are binded to the league. There is no escape.
  • Life Meters display what is known as someone's "life energy". Life energy is what keeps participants alive. After every battle, winners claim the loser's life energy - which may vary from 1 - 50. (Depending on how much they battle for.) Battles may be for 50, 20, 25, 1, 2, 4 etc life energy.
  • The winner of the tournament is decided when only one participant remains.

With the construction of this new league, Pokemon League officials enforced several serious laws that ensure the safety of everyday citizens and normal trainers. However with rules, there's always someone to break them. The Life Keepers, a group of rebellious and seriously strong trainers grew greedy, and began forcing innocent trainers and citizens to wear a Life Meter and battle against them, claiming many lives.

You’re the average, newbie trainer who is about to start their journey across Sinnoh. Feeling pumped and ready to go, you’ve made your way to Prof. Rowan’s lab, anxious to see the selection of starters you can choose from. Finally, you pick your perfect partner. To your dismay however, Professor Rowan informs you of a suspicious bunch known as the "Life keepers." He explains that they're attacking the innocent in many cities as he speaks, and that himself in conjuction with the Pokemon League Officials have selected 15 average, trainers to team up and fight against them. But at one cost. You must wear a Life Meter for yourself. You must defeat them at their own game. But will you succeed? How many will be lost? Who will remain afterward? You decide to accept his offer, and as you feel the cold metal strap wrap around your wrist, you know that you're doing the right thing, even if your life may be put in the balance.

Now, it is time for you and your pokemon to find and defeat each of the 8 members of the Life Keepers. You may travel in groups, pairs, or go solo, the choice is yours. Your current location is in Prof. Rowan's lab, meeting your fellow companions before your depature.

Current Players:

Gau Ashcroft by gimmepie
Willow Greenheart by Lokiepie
Julyanne "Juliane" Eigis by Rune Alchemist
Fait Kuruso by mzmingle
Raiso Ionis by DeLaMuerte
Josua "Kybolt" Numbilis by Aquataris

Sign Up Form (SU):

Age (15+):
Appearance: (1 decent-sized paragraph or a picture instead.)
Personality: (1 decent-sized paragraph.)
History: (I decent-sized paragraph.)
Pokemon: (Includes Nickname if any, Gender, Level, Nature - optional, Ability - optional and Moves.)


Professor Rowan

The Life Keepers
- Anastasia (F)
- Ivy (F)
- Abrosia (F)
- Devika (F)
- Pollux (M) -- Group Leader
- Castor (M)
- Mance (M)
- Tormund (M)

More as the plot unfolds!


- You are allowed to make NPC’s of your own and can completely control them
- Don’t control other players without permission
- NPC’s that I make are fully controllable as well – within reason.
- Keep things appropriate – no gore, no sex, limited swearing.
- You may catch, evolve and have your pokemon learn new moves whenever they reach the appropriate level (use serebii dex), but there must be a good post to support such. (Wild Pokemon battles earn you +2 levels, battles with other roleplayers earn you +4, while battles with NPC's earn you +3 levels)
- Have fun!
- Winners of battles are determined by myself. The more elaborate your post is, the more likely you will win.
Every player starts with 50 life energy.

Available Starters:


Sandshrew | Lv. 5 | Male | Shiny
- Scratch
- Defense Curl

Exeggcute | Lv. 5| Male
- Barrage
- Uproar

Tangela | Lv. 5 | Male
- Ingrain
- Constrict

Totodile | Lv. 5 | Male
- Scratch
- Leer

Sneasel | Lv. 5 | Male
- Scratch
- Leer

Teddiursa | Lv. 5 | Female
- Covet
- Scratch

Swinub | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Odor Sleuth

Tyrogue | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Helping Hand

Smoochum | Lv. 5 | Female
- Pound
- Lick

Elekid | Lv. 5 | Male [RESERVED]
- Quick Attack
- Leer

Magby | Lv. 5 | Male
- Smog
- Leer

Larvitar | Lv. 5 | Male
- Bite
- Leer

Lotad | Lv. 5 | Male
- Astonish
- Growl

Sewaddle | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- String Shot

Eevee | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- Tail Whip

MYSTERY EGG | Lv. 1 | Unknown


Chapter 1 - Meeting Friends & Foes

Chapter 1: Meeting friends & foes

Sandgem Town
Sandgem Town is a quaint town located by the Southern Sinnoh coast. It’s home to a marvellous beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand. Several species of Pokemon inhabit this town’s coastal regions both on the shore and in the depths of the water. Further inland, the town is home to more land-orientated Pokemon, several of which are studied by the Pokemon Professor, Prof. Rowan and his research team. Sandgem Town is most commonly known to be one of the first stops of every beginning Trainer’s journey; and here, it is where your journey begins.

Wild Pokemon:




Route 202
Located just North of Sandgem Town, route 202 is a relatively short, but winding path that stretches its way toward Jubilife City. The Pokemon that inhabit this area are particularly playful and will often spring out of tall grass, trees and bushes to surprise unwary trainers. Several Pokemon Trainers are scattered along this route, and may challenge you to a battle if they catch your eye. Strangely, Route 202 isn’t as lively as it usually is, after an unusual mob of Pokemon have been spotted causing havoc in Jubilife City...perhaps some of the trainers still roaming the route can provide you with more info? But they definitely won’t be handing it out for free.

Wild Pokemon:




Objectives - You can do whatever you wish, but you must complete the following to progress.
  • Get to know your fellow companions/battlers. [MUST]
  • Talk to Professor Rowan who gives you instructions to travel to Jubilife City where a suspicious gathering of Pokemon has been spotted. (Feel free to elaborate dialogue, but stay around this topic.) [MUST]
  • Travel to Jubilife City (Stop right before entering.) [MUST]
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