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    Lucas McGuire - Forest

    As Lucas was running, he felt unexpected pressure on both his shoulders. He turns his head slowly, to see a sjirachiing Pichu on one shoulder and a giggling Skitty on the other. Seeing these two Pokemon freaked Lucas out causing him to run faster. He heard them laugh some more as they kept batting his head. Aipom saw his trainer freaking out and leaped out of the tree it was in. Aipom swung it's tail releasing a large star big enough for it to stand on and rode the star towards Lucas. Aipom reached it's tail out and puck up Pichu and Skitty and tossing them on the star. 'So, are you wild Pokemon or are you friends of the Lillipup? Don't worry about my trainer. He's easy to scare.' the monkey screeched as it manoeuvred the star through the forest. Unaware the Pokemon were removed from his shoulders, Lucas kept running in a startled panic, running straight into a tree sending the vibrations straight up the tree.

    Heracross standing with Yuri, Molly and Lumina. The beetle seen how worried the pup was. Heracross sat next to Yuri. 'Yuri, you won't have to worry about a thing. The Pokemon in this part of the forest are really friendly and nice. They would be more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of them. We can ask some of the forest Pokemon if they've seen this...Kayor was it?'. Stepping back and looking up seeing lots of bug Pokemon attached to the trees while Bellsprouts and Oddishes ran over the setting.
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