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Explicit to me means I take it as something with either sexual themes, or what's defined by society to be profanity. I always buy the explicit version of a song, because that's how the song was meant to be listened to. Clean versions are usually awkward and cater to radio. You can tell because of what they do to the cursing in a song that it wasn't meant to be listened to that way, with weird sounds that they play over top of it. Seems like an after thought and its hardly ever done right. I don't appreciate a clean version of a song over the explicit. I feel it destroys the artistic integrity of it.

I think protecting the children from hearing or seeing words is the most ridiculous thing we do as a society, especially when we severely under-estimate them and they probably are aware of the words by the time we start to worry about that, because they've been saying it with their friends for years. That's not to say that I don't think songs with suggestive themes (like a rap song, for instance, depicting a rape of a woman) shouldn't be censored. But a regular pop song with one or two curse words in it about nothing in particular? Give me a break.
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