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Originally Posted by Digimon Kaiser View Post
I'm not talking about dinosaurs here, but species much more recently extinct.

Like Woolly Mammoths, Tasmanian Wolves and Dodos, among other species humans had at least some role in extinction.

Do you think we'll see some of these in our lifetime?

Cloning a Woolly Mammoth may take quite a while, but scientists are slowly working on it, using an Indian Elephant as a surrogate mother, apparently.
I don't feel confortable with cloning any species and I don't agree with this process.
By making a clone of the animal x and creating an entire population by this individual is nonsense.

Just the fact that it's cloned already is something that will make it debilitated. By supressing a population's DNA to only one ancestor will weaken even more they DNA until the day they'll go extinct again.
There's no way an animal could survive at wild like this.

I think that cloning and bringing extinct species back to life is purely selfish. We want to bring back to life the animals we think are cool or something like that, we don't care about presenvation nor nature's balance, and we were most likely to clone some individual and let it at some zoo to be an attraction.
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