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Originally Posted by ketchum_all View Post
Here you go! Sorry for the long wait, I got swamped with homework
Oh. Those are just normal holos, not reverse holos.

Japanese Fossil Dragonite: $2 to $4
Japanese Jungle Flareon: $3 to $5
Japanese Jungle Mr. Mime: $3 to $5

Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
Near Mint Japanese Metagross Gold Star 075/086 Holon Research Tower 1st edition

$20 to $25

Originally Posted by #1-Trainer View Post
What's a good price for a complete set of base, jungle and fossil sets in unlimited - as a whole. The average condition for the cards would probably be around 8.5-10 condition, all non-played - save for a very sad Machamp card. lolz!
Generally, these three sets aren't sold as a group, so I'll give you individual set prices.

Base: $70 to $90. Closer to the lower end because of that Machamp.
Jungle: $65 to $75.
Fossil: $60 to $70.

Also, I found a listing for them together, and that one went for $250. Only completed listing I found for all three, though. I also found one for both jungle and fossil that only went for $70. Something to chew on.
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