Thread: FireRed hack: POKEMON: Dark Rising
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    Hey (:
    First of all, great rom! I like the dragon starters, and the story so far is very interesting. And I really really like the ideia to put Yami Yugi in the game. Here in pokecommunity, there is a guy that started a project of a hack rom based on Yu-Gi-Oh series, with the Millenium Itens as badges, and the card monsters as pokemons. I was waiting for this hack, but i think he abandoned the project :/ Since I´m a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, I really enjoy the idea of the apperance of Yami in this game.

    So I have a question... I don´t know what to do next in the game. I just defeat Brock with Entei. Where I supossed to go now?
    Thanks, and congrats, the game is awesome. (: