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Dalex walked out of the burger place where he had gotten a burger at to eat. He looked at the clock on his xtransceiver. He had about 30 minutes before the ceremony started.

The Kimono Girls have Eeveelutions. He thought and then reached for a poke ball to his said. He pointed the poke ball at the ground. "Come on out Keit." He said. A flash of light came from the poke ball and Keit the Glaceon appeared. Dalex squatted down and stroked Keit's head.

"Sorry about earlier. I had to get that girl to a safe spot. You feeling any better?" Dalex asked.

"Me me." Keit purred and licked Dalex's hand.

"Good. I want you to see other Eeveelutions if they come out." Dalex said standing back up.

"Me!!" Keit purred jumping in the air on her hind legs.

Dalex laughed and they started walking once again. After about ten minutes of walking, Dalex saw the Theatre come into view. Two Kimono Girls were guarding the entrance with a Jolteon and a Flareon. He had visited them once before, but he didn't know if they would remember him or not. He thought they were Naoko and Mini, but he wasn't 100% sure. They looked the same to him when they are in their kimonos. As he walked up to the entrance they took notice of him and Keit. The Flareon and Jolteon ran up to him and keit and started playing after Dalex stroked both of them.

"Dalex!! I haven't seen you in a while!" One of them exclaimed.

"Dalex, I didn't know you had gotten a Glaceon. What is its name?" The other asked.

"Too be honest, I didn't know if you two would remember who I was." Dalex laughed a little.

"How could we not?" One of them asked.

Dalex laughed, "Anyways, this is Keit the girl I travel in Sinnoh with gave he her as an Eevee."

"Well isn't that nice. Well come on in. There is still plenty of spots left to sit." One of them said.

"Thanks. Come on Keit." Dalex said motioning at Keit.

"Me me." Keit purred and followed Dalex in when Jolteon and Flareon went back to their spots.

Dalex entered and his mouth hit the floor. There was a nice buffet with a lot of food on it. Prof. Elm could have told me there would be food. Otherwise I would have waited to eat. He thought to himself. He also saw a Kabutops with his trainer and he saw Morty and another trainer talking to each other, both with their Gengar out. He thought about going over to talk to Morty, but he didn't want to interrupt the conversation between them. Dalex walked over to a table that was in front of the stage and took a seat. He wanted Keit to get a look at the other Eeveelutions if they appeared. Keit sat in the seat next to him.

"Me me." She purred as if saying these were great seats.

"Yes, they are great seats aren't they? Just remember to keep in your seat at all times. We don't want you to cause any problems now do we?" Dalex laughed stroking Keit's fur.

Keit licked his hand and went back to sitting in her chair. Dalex could see fountains around the area and it looked like this was Suicune's home. He looked at the time once again. The ceremony would start very soon.
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