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Originally Posted by Ash_Ketchum123 View Post
Guys, I thought I had time to randomize the Pokemon you encounter. And I don't (dammit school). I'll just let you choose what you encounter from now on, but of course, if you're gonna capture an uncommon or rare one, make sure your battle posts do you justice. I'll change the Pokemon you encounter for the next routes. I won't divide them into rarity anymore.
With that said, I apologize to the players for the inconvenience .___.
@Curious. - Character (or Pokemon?) development! Even though you didn't have a battle, the training has got to count for a little level gain, right?
Feebas is now Level 8!

@Lilizuki - I like the way you write your battle posts :> Basana and Adelaide sure looks like they're getting along well.
Basana the Torchic is now Level 10!
She learned Ember!
Ralts (Level 6) has been caught! [Gender: Female ; Nature: Relaxed ; Ability: Trace]
Moves: Confusion, Growl
Adelaide earned 500!

@Sarah - Snubull has lots of cool starting moves, that I just learned today >.<
Hera the Heracross is now Level 8!
She learned Fury Attack!

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