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Augustine Rush
Game Master: Leaf Storm

IC thread - OOC thread

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IC Post I ★

Week - 1 | Weather - Sunny

Flying away from the Island, and into the ocean, Cammy successfully completed her objective in giving the provided attacks to each of the escaped captives stranded on Augustine Island. It was for her own good, as she cannot defeat nor eliminate her evil brother alone. Donating most of her power to the humans, she knows that the fate of the universe depends on all thirteen. From Mario, to Lucario, to Snake, to Pikachu, as well as Peach, Pit, Kirby, and many others to name.

She dove into the ocean, and slowly sank her way to the bottom, disappearing.

Insane's Lair -

“THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!” a black, dark winged dragon named Insane glanced at his cloud screen which had the view of the whole island. His plan to destroy the universe was interrupted. He wasn't expecting humans to be on the island. More humans for him to eliminate.

He then walked out of his private room, closing his giant metal door with a special dragon-shaped lock. Walking down through the hallway, and into the next door. The next room had his prisoners held inside each cage, humans that weren't saved by Cammy on time. There were more than 7 or 8...possibly more. Some of Insane's character allies, whom he made contract with years ago before arriving to Augustine Island, had kidnapped even more humans from other parts of the globe. As he passed by, the humans inside their open-view cells stepped back from the door, hoping the black human dragon wouldn't do any harm.

Only John Vilora, the late Minnesotan scientist had been the only human brave enough to explore the island. Insane had one of his own Pikachu clones to terminate him, but he had left his findings of the Island behind. However, Insane wasn't aware that Cammy picked up the journal he had left behind, which allowed her to spread the word towards the captives she just saved.

Insane opened the two doors that lead to the main lobby of his lair. The two giant doors with green ring knobs twisted open, to gain access. As he stepped inside, the first person he spotted was one of his allies, the Team Rocket Executive.

“Insane, my master! At your service!” The woman with long red hair down to her bottom with a unitard on, sporting out an R on the right side of her chest. She stood up from the green couch and walked towards Insane.

“MY SISTER IS AT IT AGAIN.” Insane, replied with anger at the beautiful executive. “SHE RESCUED A BUNCH OF HUMANS RIGHT BEHIND MY BACK. I AM GOING TO GET HER!”

The Executive took out all three of her PokeBalls, and released them out. One was a Nidoqueen, the drill species Pokemon. Another was a Toxicroak, the Toxic Mouth Pokemon. And last but not least, standing right beside the Executive, was Scolipede...the Megapede Pokemon. All three of her Pokemon stood behind her with the exception of Scolipede, who was her trusty Pokemon. “Is there anyone out there that I should take care of?”


“With my Pokemon's poison power, they can't stop me.” the Executive nodded. Then she turned to her three Pokemon. “Let's go you guys.”

As she and her Pokemon left the main lobby, Insane glanced over the chair where she was sitting just a few minutes ago, then he took out his glowing sword and sliced it. He was enranged. For him, his plans were already ruined.

As the thirteen captives acquired their powers from the good dragon Cammy, some of them remain confused, some are destined to save the universe no matter what. She gave each one of the captives the powers that belonged to the Super Smash Bros character they cosplayed as. Many of them with weapons were able to use them just like their character, and others are able to use magic. Many of them still remain wondering, am I the only one on this island?

Not exactly.

The Enemies ★

Small enemies

These enemies are completely up to the player (you) if you wish to use them for your training, or for team training posts, or if you just happen to stumble by one or some and wish to eliminate. You may recieve items if you eliminate one or some of these enemies in your post.
~ Goombas
~ Koopa Troopas
~ Killer Cactus (Desert)
~ Flame Flies
~ Waddle Dees
~ (Create your own small enemy! It must be easy for you to beat!)

Small Flock Enemies

These enemies will be thrown at you at the GM's discretion. If you are caught wandering around, or you're willing to train, you're more likely to be caught by a flock enemy. You will be alerted via IC thread for these enemies. Each flock enemies have specific location (if any) and any attacks they will use.

~ Beedrill (Poison Sting)
~ Feyesh (Electric Shock)
~ Stick Figures (Counter, tackle)
~ Long-Fanged Rattlesnakes (Desert) (Crunchy Skin/Bite)
~ R.O.B Launchers (Missle Launch)

Optional Boss Battles

If you wish for a challenge, or if you're a solo fighter, you have the option to face one of Insane's SSB characters, who are poisoned with evil. Each character is a clone of the SSB character, but they are dark purple in skin, clothing, and eyes. Whether each optional boss has a Swarm count (Swarm + number of clones to appear) or just single, brace yourself! Be sure to let me (the GM) know via OOC, VM or PM that you'll face one of them and I'll cross them off the list.

Roleplay will move on to mandatory boss event if at least 3 battles are finished.

~ Mr. Game & Watch ~ Swarm x10 (Location – south of Forest Riverbank)
~ Link (Location - Mountain range)
~ Sonic ~ Quadruplets x4 (Location – Southwestern part of Desert)
~ Kirby ~ Swarm x10 (Location - Center Forest)
~ Roy (Location - hiding in one of the trees at Forest)


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