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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
edit: idk if you meant to ask this just for SS (since that's what you're playing as you stated), but next time you have a question for a specific game, please post it in its corresponding thread. I went ahead and merged it into this one for now, since it sort of applies to other games, but your post is really generalized towards HGSS, so yeah. Just keep that in mind next time, please.
Actually, I DID mean to ask it for all games, hence the Gen. V note at the end that I added in. I mean to discuss what the best trapper is in each generation or each set of games itself. The discussion can continue as things change in later generations. I used the Smeargle I'm trying to prep. in SS as an example.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
Also you could just use a Pokémon with Taunt which prevents Roar.
This is true, but Taunt wears off. Granted, I believe the roamers always move last, so a worn off Taunt can just be resparked. That's an idea, meaning Taunt is another option for Smeargle (unless Sketch can't be used after a Taunt).

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