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"They are whispering, what should I do?" Well she lowered her weapon, kill the boy and it will be a one on one match. "I don't think she will follow me if I kill him though, maybe we should just go?" Have it your way, I suppose you can always kill the other later if you need to. Makoto smiled and then nodded. "Please allow me to escort you!" Makoto bowed down before them, "I promise not to kill the boy because I don't think you will follow me if I do, so I will allow you the right to stay together!" He straightened up with a bright smile, "As she told me, don't fight to take a life for no reason."

He walked deeper into the city, stopped, then turned around "Anyways it isn't 2 on 1! I have the advantage of knowing this place very well and I have permission to kill now." He walked a medium distance until he came upon the house Spark was housed in. He waited patiently for the pair.
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