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Actually, I DID mean to ask it for all games, hence the Gen. V note at the end that I added in. I mean to discuss what the best trapper is in each generation or each set of games itself. The discussion can continue as things change in later generations.
You worded it to where you sounded like you were asking it for yourself, not to start a discussion, so sorry for the misunderstanding. Next time though, make sure you check how you word things before posting. Reading your post again, it just doesn't sound like you made it out to be a thread topic.

This is true, but Taunt wears off. Granted, I believe the roamers always move last, so a worn off Taunt can just be resparked. That's an idea, meaning Taunt is another option for Smeargle (unless Sketch can't be used after a Taunt).
Get in a double battle with your Smeargle and another one of your Pokemon that has Taunt. Sketch Taunt from your partner Pokemon.

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