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    hey, i've been following this hack, but there are things that bothered me about it, first, pokemon without it's original cries (ex: shinx sounds like a weddle), well, that's easy to fix, but it takes time, second, music, it still haves the hoenn trainer battle theme, whoever i battle, the regular trainer theme plays, and my first impression when i was about to battle the first gym leader is like:

    me: good, let's take a break from regular music by fighting a gym leader
    *regular trainer theme plays even thought i'm battling a gym leader*
    me: FUUUUUUUUUU**!!!!

    well, i'd like to see at least new music for this, or at least being able to put in the hoenn gym leader theme when fighting one, and that also goes for e4 (i saw a walkthrough and elite 4 and champion still haves the regular trainer theme)
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