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    Oda Baldotter
    Oda's watching of the harbor was distracted only by the sudden arrival, departure, and re-arrival of another member of the Famiglia as she rose up to the harbor, along with one of the other members of the family. Tobi, she recognized as a member of her sector, although her was only an Apprentice, and neither of them particularly suitable to be hunting down thieves without somebody to aid them. It was perhaps better that they'd grouped together so easily; avoiding their weaknesses, as it were.

    "That is...a lovely look for you, Annabelle." Oda complimented the young woman, as she had little to say on the subject of her unique manner of approach. "And Tobi." She nodded in the direction of the Apprentice of Swords and turned on her foot to point towards the array of boats that stood across the harbor in slumber, but that would soon light up with the presence of thieves. "Are either of you confident enough to face down these thieves?" She asked in a purposeful challenge; younger people often wanted to prove themselves whether or not they were gifted.

    As her eyes followed the trail of water and she looked over the gathered guards for a sign of panic or rushing, Oda still saw nothing of interest or activity from the thieves; patience was a virtue she needed to posses, for they surely had patience through fear of the Famiglia coming upon their heads like the sword of Damocles. Her eyes did, however, catch another member of Sword who was an Apprentice like Tobi; Xoxaa was her name, and she seemed as lost as the members of the public were.

    Oda placed fingers to her own lip and whistled sharply to get the young woman's attention, followed by a gesture with her two fingers for the Apprentice of Swords to approach. Before she could issue any commands, as the most senior member of Sword available, a yacht on the far side of the harbor came to life with the great rumbling of an engine and the glare of a piercing light. Oda nodded her head towards the boot and immediately began a sprint alongside the shoreline, headed towards the active yacht as fast as her spindly form could carry her.

    The Adept of Swords would have asked if the students had any questions, but she knew young people would ask questions whether they were welcome or not anyway.
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