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    Wyatt glanced off into the distance as the Corphish ran off. He was thinking if he should chase after it or not. After dismissing that as a rude option he frowned at the boy who had just gotten off the rock, relieved and glad he had given assistance. The boy who had been with Evie drawing had ran after them and had followed up with an attack. "What happened to you?" Wyatt said to the boy, who had gotten off the rock and was standing next to the other boy, with a slightly stern but more concerned tone.

    Wyatt shrugged that off and faced back to the girl who introduced herself as Evie. "Sure, why not." he said in reply to her question. "But first..." he handed the sketchbook to her with a grin on his face. He didn't know why but he had never been the type to help someone out like this that he didn't know. Wyatt looked in the other boy's direction who had been right behind him and gave him an inviting smile before turning back to Evie.

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