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    Evie stared down at the sketch book in Wyatt’s hand, not recognising it at first as her own. The tatty surface and the lose pages cinched it for her, as she spied the ink blot in the left corner. “My sketch book!” she gasped, taking it slowly. “I…” trailing off , she tried to figure out how to say thanks. She had completely forgotten about the small book in her rush to get here that she must have dropped, probably when jumping off the rock, she reasoned with herself, before remembering her manners. She needed to say thanks but her voice had other ideas, momentarily becoming lost, so that all she managed to do was let out a small squeak.

    Mouth open, she gapped for a while, appalled at the fact she had just squeaked, and completely unaware of the fact that her face, during this period, bore the resemblance of a magikarp. This was a seemingly new thing for her to do out from now where, without being surprised at least. After a couple of minutes however, she remembered how to talk, and blushing porously, she apologised. “sorry, I kinda forgot my manners there” she jested, reaching back and messing up the back of her hair “let me begin again.” She smiled now, trying to cover up her awkward moment before. “Thank you, I hadn’t realised I’d lost it. So kind of you to pick it up for me. I owe you one.”

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